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  1. CPUS=1 Fix coming?

    Another confirmation from me. Asrock P45TS board needed cpus=1 to boot any distro until I enabled Execute Disable Function from bios. Now works with 2 cores like a charm. Thanks again to this great forum.
  2. Please keep this thread posted about your success/failure with the newest distro. I'll be sticking with 10.4.8 since the lack of QE/CI does not give me any real trouble at the moment.
  3. Updating the thread in case this will be of any help to someone else with the same problem. Tried 10.4.6 kext (AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext) - no effect whatsoever (currently using just one screen on VGA port, propably dual displays would not work with this kext.
  4. This happened to me when using an Intel 945G based motherboard with dual display capability. If there is an ADD2 card present and you connect to the VGA (not the ADD2 card's DVI) port, you will only see the empty second display - only a blue screen with the mouse cursor. Fixing that is simple - pull out the DVI card or plug your monitor to the DVI connector to get the primary screen. Of course, your system could be just hanging before it can show the login window. Have you tried booting in safe mode (-x)?
  5. ALC88x 10.4.8 Kext

    Reporting success with 2 channel stereo out, no inputs using azalia installer. ICH7 + 888. Failure with AppleHDA - shows all devices and voume controls, but no sound from any jack (6 channels, no spdif).
  6. Seriously, am I the only one with this problem on the AsRock Conroe board and 10.4.8. Jas? I have tried everything, including 10.4.7 kexts (and changing the device id's to my specifics although it shouldn't be necessary). ANyone with AsRock Conroe945G DVI Mobo using the on-board dipsplay controller, OSX 10.4.8 and working QE/CI? Pray tell me which version of 10.4.8. dvd did you use and how did you get QE/CI working? Thanks.
  7. ... just wondering... Despite the lack of Quartz Extreme and Core Image at the moment, the system works very well. Exactly what am I missing other than eye-candy? Is my system seriously crippled without QE/CI or should I just forget about it?
  8. Thanks, I'll try that - only problem is I don't have 10.4.7, but I do have 10.4.6 - would that work or will it horribly crash the system? Edit: tried, just adding 10.4.6. AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext does not help, but loses resolutions and 2nd display, adding the 10.4.6. GMA950 kexts gives a very rewarding crash of display drivers when starting up.... Edit: Found and tried the AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext from 10.4.7 - did not help. Also tried w/950 kexts and 10.4.8 framebuffer kext, no help. After searching over the site, it seems that this problem is bugging many people with GMA950 boards and 10.4.8. Is there any known solution to this or should I just fall back to 10.4.6?
  9. Got my new board two days ago, and everything is working fine but two things: - Sound (not critical for me) - No QE/CI - using the onboard GMA950 ?! WTF?? I've tried to search around the forum, but no solution so far. The install DVD (Jas) had only the GMA900 patch, which does not work. I have tried removing all 915 kexts etc. - No difference. Everything works but QE and CI, no artifacts. Displays are correctly recognized and I can change resolutions and manage the two screens. What needs to be done to enable QE/CI? (is there a separate GMA950 patch for 10.4.8? Some other solution?) Thanks in advance.
  10. Well, I gave up and picked up an AsRock Conroe G945DVI -board. Now things Just Work, and I have dual displays (BTW, a suprisingly nice board for 60€). Hopefully 946 will be supported on later releases of OSX.
  11. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Installed AppleHDA ALC888 drivers yesterday, but couldn't get sound working (tried all jacks), although the volume controls are no longer grayed out in the control panel and menubar. Nothing shows in the audio properties of the system profiler. Setup: 10.4.8 Jas, kernel 8.8.1 running on AsRock Conroe945GDvi (Core2Duo 6300). Anyone else here has AppleHDA drivers working with this board?
  12. The DVD boots ok, as does all of my previous installations on IDE and SATA hd's. Every boot attempt hangs on the same error, regardless of what swithes or arguments I try: "Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key>..." etc.
  13. In a prolonged effort of having a discussion with myself, I'm back. With bad news. 10.4.8 with Semthex kernel did not change anything - regardless of the boot arguments used, system freezes. It seems that 946GZ chipset is not worthy of any further efforts with the current images available.
  14. I've been digging around the 'net for the last 12 hours, but found no solution to get my setup working with 10.4.6 Jas. Still waiting for the 10.4.8. to complete. However, I think that the problem with the 946GZ chipset is similar tothe problems with 965 chipset - although the chipset devices in themselves are supported with proper kext editing, it's impossible to boot a normal install dvd with "unsupported" chipset. Am I right? Since 946GZ has ICH7, I suppose I would only need to check the correct vendor and device id and modiy the install media kexts accordingly? Even 10.4.4. should work? Any comments?
  15. Have the same hardware and same problem, currently getting 10.4.8 Jas, hopefully that will install. Did you find any solution?