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  1. Hi that config works like a charm using ipc10.5.6. Here are several topics with installation hints and all needed kexts. give the search a try. cheers, lizkin
  2. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    backlight isseu also solved thanks to this page: http://eeemac.blogspot.com/2008/12/install...01-or-1000.html
  3. Worked for me either thanks. Gigabyte EP45 Ds3, 8600gt 512mb but no appletalk outgoing and no sync with appletv anymore... any thought on this? cheers, lizkin
  4. Hi, I had a 900hd running perfectly but thinking also to update to 1005HA It should be quite similar to the 1000HA. The main problem would be to get the 2 cores working. therefore a modded bios is needed... who will try first? here you'll find plenty of infos regarding leopard on eepcs: http://eeemac.blogspot.com/2008/12/install...01-or-1000.html cheers, lizkin
  5. GTR2 Deutsch läuft unter OS X!

    @flightbase crossover = winebasis ist dank langjähriger linux erfahrung bekannt.... @p_bateman benutzt ein joypad? Falls ja, wird sowas von transgaming unterstützt? Habe GTR2 mittlerweile mit 1920x1200 flüssig am laufen, allerdings bisher nur mit keyboard unterstützung. (mit crossover pro 7.1.2) grüße, lizkin
  6. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    - not working sleep when closing the lid fixed with superhais ClamshellDisplay.kext - got the audio hotkeys work with spark - now only flash and backlight issues open...
  7. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    thanx to little penguin I got my nic working now, too. So everything works perfect beside some little things: - sleep dont work when closing the lid - after wakeup from sleep i have to press backlight buttons (+ or -) to see something again - massive CPU load when browsing flash sites/videos (videos stutter...) If anybody has a solution for this please help. cheers, lizkin
  8. GTR2 Deutsch läuft unter OS X!

    Sehr Gut! Das Tool kannte ich auch noch nicht. Ich benutze für sowas immer Crossover ( www.codeweavers.com ) Werde mal mit Crossover und GTR2 Testen. Ein Traum! Endlich wieder mal GTR2 zocken!!! :-)
  9. Gigabyte P35-DS4 (ALC889A)

    Hallo Crady, das hier sollte dein reboot Problem lösen... grüße, lizkin OpenHaltRestart.kext.zip
  10. GTR2 Deutsch läuft unter OS X!

    Hi p_bateman, apropos "Detailgrad" : Mehr Details Bitte :-D wie hast Du's zum laufen gebracht? Darwine? Crossover? grüße, lizkin
  11. Hangs at apple logo after installation

    It says waiting for root device... Your disk causes the problem, or better the SATA controller seems not to work with your drivers. try to check your bios settings regarding your sata controller. ist it this mb which is installed? http://www.foxconnchannel.com/product/Moth...ID=en-us0000319 cheers, lizkin
  12. Hangs at apple logo after installation

    a hint in the right direction could be booting with the option -v there you'll probably see why your stuck... what hardware are you using? which installation dvd did you use? what did you install?
  13. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    I've got this camera working ootb: Product-ID: 0x2761 Vendor-ID: 0xeb1a (Empia Technology, Inc.) eeepc 900HD
  14. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    Sleep Works! only the display backlight won't wake up again. just press on FN+F4 and there it is again :-) cheers, lizkin
  15. Ultimate Leopard @ eeepc 900 Thread

    Hi, wifi is working on my 900hd now. I copied the kext from the iDeneb1.4image. Find it attached. Any progress on sleep yet? Im using the Voodoo 9.5.0 in conjunction with SpeedStep Kext. No success. cheers, lizkin RTL8187SE.pkg.zip