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  1. Hello everybody, a few days ago I started a new project that aims to enrich the tag information of your iTunes songs. An older attempt was the iTagProperly that adds style and mood information in the comments and grouping fields of a track. This information was taken from allmusic.com but it wasn't that much useful because: allmusic does not have an API to obtain its database infromation so I had to scan the HTML code to extract the styles and moods and this system would break every time allmusic gets an interface redesign. Because of that the user had to tag tracks one by one. On top of that information could be obtained only per artist and not per track. Now focus is on Last.FM. Last.FM for those who don't know it is the largest music community that tracks what people listen to using several plug-ins for the most popular players and starts building a neighborhood around the user and his/her's music taste. It also allows the user to tag whatever track with any keyword they please. This information is available through web services in XML format. It provides the most popular tags for every song known to its database. This information is being used in Last.FM iTunes informant in order to enrich an entire iTunes library per track with the tags specified by thousands of people. Massively. Needing only a couple of clicks. Imagine the playlists you could produce after your music collection has been tagged this way. The very first premature version is available for download. What I need from you is: 1. To find a fancier name. 2. To check Last.FM's web services http://www.audioscrobbler.net/data/webservices/ just in case you notice another web service that could be useful apart fro the "Top Tags" for "tracks". that I am currently using. 3. To try the application is several of yous songs and report back here any issues you might be having. 4. To find someone who can make nice OS X eye candy such as icons and logos. 5. Not to ask for a Windows port. I don't want to do it but if someone is willing to I am glad to provide some guidance. Version 0.1 Universal Binary This version does not communicate with iTunes and it does not support unicode characters (I think so). Its for premature testing purposes only. Some features and options. - Sleep Interval in Options: ?? Last.FM does not allow the same IP to contact theis servers more than once per second (it bans it). Using this option the app waits for the seconds defined before every request. - Maximum Tags: Here you can define the maximum numbers you want per track. The most popular ones have priority. If you get less tags than you defined then the song actually has less tags on it. - So, just type Artist and Track press the Last.FM button and check the tags in the Tokens Field and in the Text Field. In the first one you can change the tags sequence and the text field one has the tags comma seperated just as they will be written in the comments or grouping field in iTunes. - Tags in Last.FM are all lowercase. For aesthetic reasons I capitalise the first letter of each word. I haven't found a way to make the Tokens Field multiline (as it is in the addresses field in mail) It must be pretty hard as I use Java in xcode to develop the app. I have only found ways to do this in Objective-C but I don't know any Objective-C. If anyone can help please let me know. I will soon implement the iTunes connectivity. Please give it a try and come back with bug reports and suggestions! LastFM_iTunes_Informant_v0.1.zip
  2. Ad-blocking on Safari?

    PithHelmet has a check button at lower right corner that says "I Paid". If you click this then its registered!
  3. My Raptor is my basic os x hard drive (where I have installed OS X onto). At random times where OS X is idle my raptor starts loading (constantly working like its copying something or like defragging) and it never stops. System becomes unusuable until I hard reset. I have 10.4.8 with original Apple Kernels (no Semthex or someting like that) and I have the ASUS P5LD2-VM mobo. Does anyone knows what that is or if there is a log to see what's causing this?
  4. System becomes corrupt after some time of use...

    First of all thank you all for helping. I did the Disk Repair and the only message I got was that Volume Header needs minor repair. And Disk Repair fixed it. I still have the same issues though after that. Plus if I leave my system idle then sometimes the disk start working for no apparent reason. And it never ends (it works like it defrags the disk or something - cosntant activity - but it never ends until I hard reset) and makes the system unusuable. Please not that I also have Vista, XP, Linux on different disks same system and they work flawlessly. Thank you.
  5. System becomes corrupt after some time of use...

    Do you mean repair permissions? If this is the case I have done that in my installation after a fresh restart and it doesn't give me any errors. Remember disk utility and other applications fail to launch up until I restart the system.
  6. Dear all, I have been using OSx86 for almost a year now, customising my hardware to be OSx86 compatible. I now have 10.4.8 with R2D2 loaded with the original Apple kernel not a Semthex or some other version using Boris method for my X1600 to work and I also have a Sound Blaster Live External 24 bit for my audio needs. The motherboard is an ASUS 5PLD2-VM which is known to be very compatible. The original installation dvd was a JaS 10.4.6 and after that I applied the patched updates. The system has been running more than fine for a couple of months now however in the last few weeks the following issue occurs: After using the system for a couple of hours it becomes unstable. Applications refuse to start (something like an unknown error - 10810). Also some times cds or dvds fail to mount. Disk utility will launch having the menu bar display its menus but the main window never comes up. The system is pretty much unusable until I restart it. Restart fixes everything. And I mean everything. No more issues until they occur again in some random time (quite often though). Does anyone else has the same experience...? Only unusual thing I did is after i installed the logitech drivers and I have a proper UK keyboard layout I delete the Roman.layout because otherwise it would force mo to have both the American and the Logitech UK layout. I can't remember anything else unusual apart from installing and uninstalling several apps to check them out (using Appzaper for that)... Is there anyone who can give me any insights? Kind Regards, George
  7. @JaS - Running the script again got me to a login screen at restart where the system would hang in 3-4 seconds. Even in verbose mode. @KiKo - I could not find my JaS 10.4.4 - 10.4.5 DVD so I installed from an old 10.4.3 - Your combo update fails there and at restart system hangs at the grey apple boot screen. I am just letting you know.
  8. OK now without doing anything more when I boot I get to the desktop and just before spotlight loads OS X hangs. Please let me know what to do. I have also downloaded the Combo 10.4.8 update would I be able to install it over JaS 10.4.8 from safe mode or something. Would it fix my issues?
  9. Hello all. I updated using the SSE3 Intel Update from JaS I moved the postflight.script in the Resources folder before installing the update. I have these issues. I can't open disk utility. I can't mount any disks. If i use spotlight to search and click show all results spotlight crashes and reopens. I tried to use disk utility from 10.4.6 but it won't open. I tried repairing permissions from the 10.4.3 DVD and still no luck. I also get these decoding messages while booting. Any help please? If I got fubared is there any easy way to revert 10.4.8 installation?
  10. Badge borders

    By the way the tag pictures (guru, administrator, moderator etc) are awful with that white border around them. Send them to me snolly AT mac DOT com and I can make them transparent.
  11. Callisto Technical Discussion

    Oh dear lord who other than less than average joe believes that? If Apple wants to lock they lock. Not just the driver. The whole OS X.
  12. Callisto Technical Discussion

    I dont assume anything. I already clearly stated that I appreciate the work very very much. More than you could possibly imagine as I am a developer myself and I looked into IOKIT and with the free time I have I could not in any way make any progress in writing an OSX driver. Omni could do it so yes bravo. What I want more? I dont want anything more I want less. Less attitude. This is indeed a very special case of development and a computer driver but we are still all PEOPLE that belong in a community and we SHOULD behave this way.
  13. Callisto Technical Discussion

    I dont mind getting all the flaming but I must and have to say this. I really appreciate Omni's very hard work but I appreciate the work only. I never liked Omni's attitude from the very first time. He has been sarcastic with people who know less (remember his installation guide on his page - comments like "if you dont know how to do this then you dont deserve using osx86 blah blah), he is not modest, he always whines about how time-consuming this is and how he really doesnt care about the driver as he loves nVidia and not ATI. He never released the code which is egoistical and the project never really helped anyone since it was depending on one person alone. Now we re all f*cked. See? This is why open source is good. We all stay with some 20% working alphas. He wants publicity as it seems, he wants his ego to grow (as we all do in a way) but he is doing this in a very obvious way and in some cases he insults other people for not having his technical knowledge. Why the f*** bother for a 15 year old kid posting some old releases done so obviously to help? Why act like a 12 year old kid and terminate the project and blame someone else for it? Admit that you were bored and needed more publicity and people sucking up to you. You know what I think Omni? You never cared for the osx86 users, you never cared for the damn driver, all you cared about is publicity and an ego enlargement. Thats why you were whining, bragging and insulting people all the time looking for an excuse or someone to blame when you got bored. People will hate me for that post, they have a 50-pages long thread and several others mostly sucking up to Omni just to get a graphics driver working. I would suck up too if we was a caring for the comunity person with an attitude to help and not to show off. F*ck the driver and the project as it was dead since it was born. Closed source based on one person who never cared. Now come on delete this in case Omni notices and he wont love you anymore.
  14. Mac OSX it's ok, but Windows XP?

    What I do is. Unplug all HDD but the one I will install XP / Mac OS / Linux into. When installation is done I replu the rest of the drives. Same thing for all OSs so they are Independent installations not based on boot loaders which can and will corrupt if you fubar one of the installed OSs. Then I change boot sequences from the BIOS (which fortunately has a popup menu at bootime to pick your drive - you dont have to get in BIOS and restart!).
  15. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Of course we will. As you can see I am a happy X1600 Pro user but I asked if we can decompile-edit-recompile the binary part of the kext to make the rest of ATI users happy...