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  1. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Hi Heratiki, so you've guys been using this for a while without any problems? That sounds great, in that case I might just give it one more try. I guess for anyone really worried, they should do a backup every now and then in case anything crashes. When do you think you'll be done with the PDF? That'd be very useful.
  2. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    just wanted to come in and say thanks to everyone trying to figure this out. with the manual shut down of the dell, i'm a bit worried that the hard drive won't get parked correctly and it may damage the hard drive. i've had to warranty one dell m1530 and one lenovo s10 in the past because of hard drive issues. now, maybe that was just me, but i have an m1330 right now and would love to get this set up but am worried about the shutdown issue.
  3. It's obvious that Mac Girl is no longer here so the first post is clearly outdated. CAN ANYONE PLEASE CREATE A NEW UPDATED THREAD???
  4. ah my system hangs when i try to install the 10.5.3 kalyway combo updater. it says "configuring installation" at the very beginning and never moves. any ideas? i reinstalled like 4 times trying to change the mbr/guid options and neither work. i'm content with sticking with 10.5.1 at this point b/c it's better than nothing.. but if anyone has suggestions it'd be appreciated.
  5. ATI Radeon 3450 works

    i followed these steps and for some reason only the second xXXX resolution worked. for example, 1680x1050 became 1400x1050. when i tried 1920x1200 it became 1680x1200. the horizontal is messed up, while the vertical is OK. is this because i didn't uninstall the old drivers? please help.
  6. Hi, below are the specs I'm running. Occasionally my SATA DVD Drive works as soon as I start my computer. Some times it doesn't work at all. The times that it does work, if I try to eject it say an hour into the computer session, it'll give me an error that the drive is unsupported. Then, when I try to eject it on the top toolbar, it says "No Drive Found". I looked all over and could not find any similar threads which surprised me. Please help, this is very frustrating. I'm running: Gigabyte P35 DS3R motherboard Kalyway 10.5.2 Pioneer SATA DVD RW (the one you can burn Xbox 360 games on)
  7. Lenovo s10

    any idea how long it usually takes for folks to start contributing to this? i just got my s10 and don't want to waste time installing on it since i'm going to put osx86 on it..
  8. hi argo can you explain how you got the sound working? i don't know where to start and have an m1530 installed with everything working except the sound.
  9. Can you point us to what tutorial you used to install the sound files? I tried the installer from the package that sono put together and could not get it to work. A laptop without sound is very frustrating!
  10. Kalyway dual boot Vista Qs

    hmm i followed this and now my osx just resets back to the bios startup screen. any ideas? osx is on MBR os journaled, while vista is on ntfs on a dell xps m1530.nevermind, my resolution was messed up. .thanks op!
  11. Can anyone confirm if the sound and battery installations work for the Kalyway install for dellxps m1530?
  12. First, I'm not trying to bash you and want to thank you for taking the time to do this. To note, I have installed OSX86 successfully with Time Machine on a Gigabyte P35-DS3R that went smoothly with everything working. I am having a hard time on my XPS Laptop. You are right, the title clearly states it being a compilation. But, that term does not work when you put a Vostro and XPS in the same thread because clearly those components don't work with each other. You may as well through in other Dell lines to make it more confusing, know what I mean? For example, the new sonotone compilation, it cleary does not state what is for what. I installed a few files from it thinking it would work on my XPS, but it turned out giving me boot errors due to it being only for the Inspiron. Thus, I believe it's just too confusing having it all in one thread and may as well be in separate threads, or at least organized in way where it's like.. Inspiron - File 1 - File 2 - File 3 XPS - File 1 - File 2 - File 3 etc. Lastly, the installation is very vague as we do not know which method to use. I'm now experimenting with Kalyway and iAtkos, but again it would be nice to know exactly which and what settings per model (like a Wiki by the users).
  13. This guide is very unclear, can anyone help point some directions on how to get it working properly? I have an M1530, and this compilation seems to be for too many different Dell versions that I believe it's hurting us more then helping. Wouldn't it be more wise to have separate Dell series of laptops, and install guides for them? I installed Kalyway about 10 times today on my XPS and got pretty far in setting it up, until I realized that Time Machine didn't work. I then formatted my laptop and tried to run Time Machine from the very beginning (before any updates, still on 10.5.1) and could not get a working backup. This was using MBR (not GUID, which I may reformat and try again tomorrow). Has anyone had this problem? Besides that, I think I'm driving myself nuts!
  14. I am having an incredibly hard time finding a wireless solution that works with OSX86. Reading around this forum and Googling, I have found that not many people have a fix for this. This is usually due to them trying to troubleshoot the wireless card that they currently have. My suggestion is, let's make a list of all the wireless pci and usb cards that work out of the box. This way, for those willing to shell out $20-$100 can go pick up a new wireless card and get going with Leopard! What cards work for you? List them this style: NAME - PRICE EXPERIENCE: LINKS TO DRIVERS / DISCUSSION: