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  1. No version past 2.4.14 can print to airport-connected network printer. Print job just hangs. It's probably caused by broken outgoing UDP.
  2. Do you have "Read HFS+ file: [hd(0,2)/Extra/nvram.<uuid>.plist]" message in your bdmesg output when running r2286? In my case it is missing and all NVRAM values reset on every reboot. r2283 works fine though, and NVRAM is properly preserved across reboots. Also, boot0 and boot1h are completely identical in r2286 and r2283 so that's clearly not the issue. As I told, I have tried literally everything including this. Still stuck with non-working iMessage and Facetime. Thanks for the link. I used the smbios.plist generated by one of the latest Chameleon wizards. I'll search for the missing parts. Once again: iMessage worked at some point, before r2286 screwed up my NVRAM. I wonder if my UUID got blacklisted on Apple servers or something
  3. I have the same problem. Initially the trick with Apple id password reset worked for me. Then I tried Chameleon 2286 which broke FileNVRAM, and reverted everything back afterwards. Now, no matter what I do, iMessage and Facetime do not work anymore: all I get is a "Contact Apple support" dialog and a "Server denied registration support" message in the log I have everything set up right: network, nvram values and so on. I've tried changing serial number and payment details, still no luck. iCloud, iTunes, AppStore and iMessage on my iPad work fine though. There must be something else which makes Apple servers think I'm not on a real Mac (which is correct).
  4. There's something still wrong with 2.5.4. It seems to work fine when you surf the web (both IPv4 and IPv6), but network printing to an AirPort printer literally takes ages. Older versions work perfectly though.