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  1. Hey guys, long time no see. I'm not sure if someone in the community published a patch while I was on osx86 hiatus... Anyways, I finally did update my hardware and made the switch to 10.8 (I was still on 10.6 due to hardware issues). So here we go, a new version of SpeedStepper for 10.8.3 - enjoy!
  2. Maybe those new Macmini5_x plists include new stepper programs that utilize more p-states - up for testing. I'll be on the road later this week and won't have access to my rig after new year, but I'll work on the patcher if the new update comes out before then.
  3. I'd like to make sure that something works before releasing it officially and I can't test this myself at the moment. Now that I have confirmation I will add it to the first post. In 11D24 the plists for Macmini5_x were updated in ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin, so you could test if that changes anything, I take it you are still using iMac12? Note that these plists include multiple stepper program profiles - I haven't investigated how and if they are used. If you look under StepContextDict you'll see three different profiles: Normal, Background and RealTime. Also note that in 11D24 there are currently no plists present for iMac12!
  4. Thanks for testing, regae. However, more interesting to know is if the kext loads and functions correctly. That the patcher works is no surprise if I wrote it myself
  5. Here is a patcher for 11d24, only 64bit. I'm currently unable to test this myself, as my Lion setup is refusing to let me use my GTS250 correctly. Could someone please test it so I can add it to the first post? Thanks. speed_stepper_lion_1073_11d24.zip
  6. Just a quick update, yes there will be a patch for 1.7.3 but I won't support every developer preview.
  7. MSRDumper is just a tool to test if SpeedStep is working correctly. As far as I know SMC Monitor doesn't work correctly on SandyBridge. If you want constant monitoring via any SMC-tool, we would need a kext that constantly updates SMC information (MSRDumper could be extended that way). I think VoodooPState requires the voodoo kext for generic Intel SpeedStep. I'm not quite sure what you want to monitor?
  8. flAked


    MSRDumper is specifically made for SandyBridge CPU's, I'll take a look on how we can output 1st generation i7 stepping information as well.
  9. Depends if your board uses a AMI Aptio BIOS. What about SpeedStepper is not working for you?
  10. flAked


    These are two separate issues. Nothing new on the PM front for iMac12,2 I'm afraid. The new mac mini definitions have some interesting new format with three stepper programs to choose from. But I'm currently unable to investigate further. Regarding over-clocking, you either need a custom made SSDT_PR with the P-State definition you want to use or RevoBoots auto SSDT_PR inject.
  11. I believe every board without an AMI Aptio EFI BIOS.
  12. Thanks for posting this. That's exactly how I did it for the P8P67. I wouldn't call it an easy method, though. And I advise that if one doesn't know to do all steps mentioned and how to use the tools, to leave it be. BTW, initial credits go to THe KiNG for figuring this out!
  13. The patcher will just prevent a kernel panic and is independent from any DSDT fixes. You cannot, however, only use a DSDT without the patcher, because it's not possible to fix it with a DSDT edit.
  14. flAked

    OS X Lion 10.7.2 11C40 !

    Hey mitch, can you post the version number of AICPUPM in the new build? Thanks!
  15. I think he meant no problems with his DSDT and/or onboard components still working. BTW, ASUS released a new BIOS for my board nearly every month, so if you want to use the new OROM versions you'll have to patch the BIOS again and again. BIOS modding is fairly easy with the right tools, but they are not available for the new Aptio EFI BIOS. You can only use PhoenixTool to extract the image and then you need to dig in assembler code. I've been there, it's beyond frustrating. You can't just change anything and flash it. Sure, you can use the recovery function, but I rather not brick my board in the first place.