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  1. what kext do i patch with this???
  2. Im attaching my ioreg files,origin files and my setup details. Can you tell me whats wrong? Send me K.zip origin.zip
  3. Using an older hack i wanted to upgrade from 10.12.6. Created installer using terminal and createmedia command and installed clover on it as well. system is : ga-z68m-d2h i5-2500k gtx 960 Whether i use the GTX 960 or the internal HD 3000 makes no difference and i get this quick reboot loop. Anybody know whats up???
  4. im having the same exact issue on an older hack. trying to boot a 10.13.2 fresh installation with clover i5-2500k gtx 960 ga-z68m-d2h https://imgur.com/a/gkwr4
  5. kitmac

    Tracing back the AMD GPU wakeup issue to its origin

    awesome work. Would this work for an RX 580 in an Egpu?
  6. kitmac

    DP4/DP5 G86 Black Screen

    Im also using a GT 640 and getting a black screen with cursor on boot. (DP5) Do you switch between rgb to dvi to get it to boot to desktop. Also my dvi is a dvi to HDMI wire if that has anything to do with it.
  7. gonna try this out... thanx
  8. kitmac

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    Also curious about the quick wake from sleep...
  9. Having the same problem. I'll try ioahcifamilly from lion..
  10. kitmac

    New Cuda update 4.2.5

    Anybody see any kinda of performance increase with these drvers....????
  11. kitmac

    Choppy Video w/ Dual Monitors

    I had the same issue.... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1764882 didnt get any response on this board but a little tinkering and i found two things. #1 Use nvenabler in S/L/E instead graphicsenabler #2 get rid of applegraphicspowermanagement.kext in S/L/E fix permissions and reboot
  12. Ok 1st Ive always had problems running osx off an external. Put it IN your system on port 1 of your sata connections. 2nd seeing all those penryn and nehalem profile errors makes me think you might not have a good smbios plist in your extra folder that matches your system processor good luck
  13. Ok currently using an MSI GTX 260 OC Graphics enabler on using Chameleon SVN 2.1-r1650 On Lion 10.7.2 Dual monitor setup both on DVI Had this problem since the leopard days. Everything seems to work fine. games, full screen transitions and effects. But one thing always seems to happen. When I'm watching a video and turn off one screen suddenly i get an intermittent glitch that makes the video skip every 4 seconds or so. If i drag a finder window across the screen i also see the intermittent hiccup. I have tried switching monitors on the dvi outputs and it happens if i use second monitor instead of 1st to watch the video. Only solution so far is to unplug one monitor while other plays video. Its almost as if it is constantly searching for second display if shut off. help me out guys......
  14. kitmac

    NVidia GTX 260 black screen and glitches

    Make sure your Power supply has enough juice to push your card. I have an MSI gtx 260 OC and i have to underclock in winblows just to run games because my PS is only 500W.