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  1. Hello Chunan, I have installed your latest IOPCMCIAfamly kexts into my 10.5.6 partition, I deleted the original Leopard PCI and Pccard kexts from extensions so that your modified kexts are the only ones loaded. After much testing My PC card is seen and works great if the card is loaded in the card reader when the computer is booted up, But, if the card is inserted after boot up it causes a hang when trying to access the card files and when trying to eject the cards desktop icon. Is there anything I can do myself to work on the insert/eject side of the kexts in xcode. thankyou so much for your efforts to get this working. Just the insert/eject is now the only issue to rectify, can I open a driver file and re load it in xcode to try for my self, is that possible or is there a xcode code that I can work on somewhere. oline
  2. Hello Eureka, I loaded IOPCMCIAFamily.kext for OS10.5.6. all drivers installed showed in system profiler as "yes". but when I push in my PC card , the icon mounts on the desktop, but does not show in system profiler. trying to access the card causes a system Hang. In my OS 10.5.5 HDD with your earlier PCCard10.5.2Beta3 kext's. it works well. system profiler shows my PCcard info as- pci10f7,8206: Function: Mass Storage Controller Vendor: Unknown Type: CardBus Vendor ID: 4343 Device ID: 33286 This OS 10.5.6 PCMCIA kext is very close , can I do something myself to achieve a better out come with out hasseling you. Cheers oline
  3. Hello Chun-nan, Just had time to try PCMCIAFamily.kext from Dec 1-08 on new clean 10.5.6 partition, Sys profiler shows multiply pci-bridges, about an extra 15 of them. all seems to work except the ATA Optical drive has disappeared from my system. I used kexthelper to install the kexts, Chunnan thanks for the tip on that little program. I then tried B1 then B2 kexts, and they both caused a hang on grey boot up screen. looks like 10.5.6 is a problem for now, as Apple has changed the kext version. Oh well, back to stable 10.5.5 for now and keep working. I would love to be able to write my own kexts but I'll leave that in the hands of experts like Chunnan and others here. Cheers Oline
  4. Hi Tek_No I reduced my ram by two gig , back to 2 gig from 4gig, my PCMCIA slot worked with the 4 gig but, was flaky and caused lock ups. now it's back to 2 gig and all is well on my 10.5.4 partition. 10.5.6 is another story, apple changed the ground rules yet again, I have not had time to play with chun-nans newest pcmcia kext, but should be able to do that in a week or so I hope. Cheers oline
  5. Thanks so much Chunnan, I'll give it another try after I finish an encode session on my 10.5.5 trusty partition, got to keep wolf from the door. will try your recommendations asap. sorry to be a noob at this. oline
  6. Hello Chunnan, I'm not terminal savi, but i tried, got to this point but not working, can you advise where I went wrong or somewhere I can learn how to use terminal correctly, thanks for your patience. sorry for being un savi on this. got to- Last login: Sun Dec 21 17:32:10 on console Toms-G5:~ Macpro New$ sudo s Password: Sorry, try again. Password: Sorry, try again. Password: sudo: s: command not found Toms-G5:~ Macpro New$ sudo -s bash-3.2# chown - R O:O /System/Library/Extensions/IOPCMCIAFamily.kext chown: -: Invalid argument bash-3.2# chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/IOPCMCIAFamily.kext bash-3.2# touch /System/Library/Extensions oline
  7. Hi Chunnan, I'll try it very shortly , (I'm just backing up my spare 10.5.5 partition). I'll report back asap. Thanks for the fast reply. 10.5.5 with your beta 3 has been great with PC card recognition for me, so I may in the meantime use it for PC card slot and "Play with 10.5.6" till it gets settled. I'm very slowly and cautiously coming to grips with this whole kext issue. thanks again. oline
  8. Hello Chunnan, have loaded as per your instructions 10.5.6 PCMCIAFamily.kext. yes I did permissions repair prior and after install, sorry but I only get a warning screen on boot up saying--- System extension cannot be used the system extension "/System/Library/Extensions/ IOPCMCIAFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/ IOPCIFamily.kext" was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the product's vendor for an update Have I overlooked something ?. Many thanks for your efforts on helping so many resolve these PC card issues. oline
  9. Hello Chunnan, "after 10.5.6 Update no pcmcia card readability. New 10.5.6 iopcifamily.kext is version 2.5... How difficult is it to change to this new kext version, is it done with xcode tools ?, can a simple man like me do it?. I am using your beta 3 succesfully with 10.5.2 / 10.5.4 / 10.5.5 os versions. Apple has again changed the goal posts with 10.5.6. Cheers for any advice. oline
  10. Hi Chunnan, I Eliminated my Kernel Panics by lowering the ammount of Ram to 2 gig in the computer, do the kext files have a memory limit range of about 2 gig ? if so how can I raise the limit higher. Cheers oline
  11. Hi Chun Nan, I have attached a panic file for your perusal, PC card is now recognised on 10.5.4. as you advised , "Thanks" for you dedication to this issue. OS panicked when playing files on the PC card. other wise it now works. I'll just avoid playing files till I can sort a work around. Cheers oline Wed Sep 10 21:42:43 2008 panic(cpu 6 caller 0x0042B443): "getPhysicalSegment() out of 32b range 0x100044000, len 0x1000, class IOGeneralMemoryDescriptor"@/SourceCache/xnu/xnu-1228.5.20/iokit/Kernel/IOMemoryDescriptor.cpp:1473 Backtrace, Format - Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack) 0x8751f8c8 : 0x12b0fa (0x4592a4 0x8751f8fc 0x133243 0x0) 0x8751f918 : 0x42b443 (0x49dd5c 0x44000 0x1 0x1000) 0x8751f9e8 : 0x428e69 (0xf186080 0x1c000 0x8751fa2c 0x0) 0x8751fa48 : 0x9f4087 (0xeff5cc0 0xf186080 0x1c000 0x8751faa4) 0x8751fac8 : 0x9f4a2a (0xedcdc00 0x100 0x232 0x423312) 0x8751fb18 : 0x9f5f13 (0xedcdc00 0xfb 0x8 0x17d8b3) 0x8751fda8 : 0x9f6f53 (0xedcdc00 0xedcdc00 0x8751fdc8 0x41f8c3) 0x8751fdc8 : 0x4212bd (0xedcdc00 0xedcdcf4 0x8751fe4c 0x0) 0x8751fe18 : 0x9f6866 (0xefbb500 0x9f6f1a 0xedcdcf4 0x8751fe4c) 0x8751fe68 : 0x652185 (0xedcdc00 0xb0fdd00 0x8751feac 0x8751fea8) 0x8751feb8 : 0x9f61c4 (0xedcdc00 0xb74fd00 0x2 0x0) 0x8751fee8 : 0x9f6df2 (0xedcdc00 0x0 0x9b1d6b0 0x9b1d78c) 0x8751ff18 : 0x420993 (0xedcdc00 0xed3d800 0x1 0x19d5b1) 0x8751ff68 : 0x41faf0 (0xed3d800 0x0 0x1 0x3ddcd8) 0x8751ff98 : 0x41f7d2 (0x9c27940 0x8751ffdc 0x8751ffc8 0x1a7e6c) 0x8751ffc8 : 0x19ebdc (0x9c27940 0x0 0x1a20b5 0x9f43be0) Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0 Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies): jp.panasonic.iokit.P2PCCard(1.3.3)@0x9f2000->0x9f7fff dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCCardFamily(1.6.4)@0x763000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily(2.0.3)@0x64c000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOATAFamily(1.7.3f1)@0x739000 com.apple.iokit.IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily(2.0.3)@0x64c000->0x664fff BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task Mac OS version: 9E17 Kernel version: Darwin Kernel Version 9.4.0: Mon Jun 9 19:30:53 PDT 2008; root:xnu-1228.5.20~1/RELEASE_I386 System model name: MacPro3,1 (Mac-F42C88C8)
  12. Hello Chun Nan, I have your Beta 3 package 10.5.2 working, with some rare panics, a question, I tried your beta 3 pkg on my 10.5.4 OS and it panicked, is there much to alter your package to have 10.5.4 OS work as well. Apple keep bringing out up dates faster than I can install them. Cheers oline
  13. Hail Chun-nan, I bow to you, Your Beta 3 worked for me, I hope your efforts are rewarded. thankyou again and again. oline
  14. pcmcia on a new mac

    Hi CAD, These cards are no good in the G5 or macpro's , that card is PCI only, it will work in a windows box with P2, but no joy in a Mac. The SIIG card will work in G4 PCI based box, I have one working, see my site - olinevideo.com.au. Now that Fuji is about to release a P2 card soon, there maybe some hope for a budget priced reader for current mac towers, Mac laptops are well covered with the expresscard to pcmcia adapters from amtron and the Duel systems adapter- http://www.duel-systems.com/products/adapters.aspx Oh well, we just wait or make do. I'm now working on connecting my windows laptop with XP and PCMCIA reader to my Macpro via ethernet cable, will post my results when it gets going. (some hardware issues to work thru) Cheers Tom K
  15. pcmcia on a new mac

    Hi Ctrl Alt Del I've been on this for some months, Plenty guys about trying to get a Budget priced PCMCIA (P2) solution into late model Mac's. I posted this on drivers section , but it seems guys here have windows boxes and Mac software. not much good to a Macpro owner. anyway --http://forum.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/index.php/t99592.html I see Panasonic will supply a PCIe to 5 card reader in sept-oct 08, it will compliment the USB / Firewire reader they already have, these are not cheap units, as stated they are the cost a new computer. I have a 4 card reader in my Macpro (early 08). under leopard it dosen't work, BUT booting up on Bootcamp XP partition it does work well. Leoprad is the issue, Sadly there's no information out there as yet, it's just too new,. down the track it will be more easily understood. I've tried many drivers in the vain hope some may work, no luck to date. Cheers Tom K