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  1. DSDT Asus Maximus IV Extreme Problems

    will someone be updating it anytime soon?
  2. DSDT Asus Maximus IV Extreme Problems

    not using the auto patcher one though im using the DSDT Editor and patcher which said it was updated on 17/May/2012, which is a date after the BIOS had been released. None the less is there any solutions to this atm?
  3. DSDT Asus Maximus IV Extreme Problems

    Ok I previously followed this guide on compiling a DSDT using DSDTEditor for the 1904 bios and everything worked great, However I recently upgraded the Bios to 3208, Now when I go to compile after patching it gives me errors that it isnt able to fix and thus I am unable to compile. On another note I am also using a patched bios ROM from here so I will no longer have to use nullcpu or speedstepper. I feel that maybe the motherboard specific patch for my DSDT is no longer compatible with the new upgraded BIOS. Would somebody be able to create me a DSDT or be able to guide me through on what I need to do? Thanks in advanced Here is an image of the errors which remain when I attempt to compile the DSDT WITHOUT applying any patches AFTER trying to fix the errors This image is of the errors which remain when I attempt to compile the DSDT WITH applying the the motherboard specific patches found here AFTER trying to fix the errors. My system specs are intel 2600k Asus Maximus IV Extreme B3 Revision nvidia 9800GTX+ 2 two gigs sticks of corsair vengeance memory corsair AX750 PSU
  4. 10.6.3 Released !

    It worked for me only thing is now itunes crashes when opening, got to patch some cpuids i guess, maybe. I have an AMD cpu
  5. AppleNForceATA 1.0.4 optimized for SL 32/64bit

    I would like to know this as well.
  6. I do not currently own a mac but am in love with the OS and really want to buy one. Im not really strapped with cash at the moment and I dont want the mini or an imac. I did some searching on ebay and found a mac pro priced at $1100. A1186 2x 2.0GHz Dual-Core Xeon (4-core) 1GB RAM 160GB HARD DRIVE DVDRW - SUPERDRIVE NVIDIA 7300GT My current computer is one I built a few years back and its specs are. AMD athlon 3800+x2 2 gigs ram Nvidia 9800GT My other question is in the future would I be able to upgrade the processors that are currently in this mac pro I might buy with quad core ones so I could have 8 cores. Im more interested in the cpu and the processing power it can provide compared to the cpu im currently running (I would think that these two dual core xenon's would be significantly faster and better for multitasking than my current cpu is. It would be more of a Xeon 5130 vs athlon 3800X2, I would think that a single xenon based on the core2 architecture would easily perform some deal better than the AMD counterpart I have currently. Not to mention this mac would have two 5130's.) So what would you guys recommend should I buy it (not considering the upgrades) or not?
  7. ATI Radeon HD 2400 pro AGP

  8. Cant rotate second display

  9. Cant rotate second display

  10. Need HELP installing MAC OS X in Acer Aspire 6530G

    First off this is the Snow leopard forum so why are you posting here second off, I think you need to read this. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...117970&st=0
  11. I have an nvidia 9800GTX graphics card hooked up to 2 displays one 22 inch and a second 17 inch. the 17 inch is sat upside down because the base broke so in leopard I rotated the screen 180 degrees. however in snow leopard when i try this the second screen goes black but the mouse can still be seen in it then a few seconds later it reverts back to normal
  12. well still waiting for root device is never a good thing. it can be caused y a few different problems. perhaps your missing a kext?
  13. NVIDIA GeForce GT 220

    Does this card work in leopard or snow leopard? I cant find any information about it. I just need a cheap quick replacement, my 6600 just died and this is the only compatible card with my motherboard the store by me sells.
  14. HOW-TO: How to get a fully working screen-kext!

    thanks allot for this, it not only got me dual screens but it fixed my screens from flashing blue when watching video or moving things. I am however very interested in a way to get this to work with ATI cards, I know someone already asked but I'm just wondering if you or anyone else found out anything new.
  15. Flashing Blue Screen

    Well I finally fixed it, I removed the EFI string and replaced it with a modified Natit.kext which I found how to modify from here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=154797