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  1. Namek91

    Searing Atheros 5007EG Driver Snowleo

    I know how to install kext . I will try your solution in a few hours, maybe few days, because now I don't have time. Thanks in advance .
  2. Namek91

    Searing Atheros 5007EG Driver Snowleo

    That's will be nice . Please, give us this driver's (kext's) and some solution how to install and how to work on AR5007EG on Kismas (as I think).
  3. Namek91

    Searing Atheros 5007EG Driver Snowleo

    I've that same fc-uking problem ! Everything's work, but not my WiFi (Atheros AR5007EG). I'm on 10.6.2 Hazard distribution (after install this distro I'm type 'x' in "Atheros Fix 10.6.2", but it doesn't change anything ). I didn't use Ethernet cable, but WLAN, so it's VERY important to me, to get the working solution. If not, I will have to change the system, and coming back to Windows . God damn it, any solution!? HELP US!?
  4. Hi, I have Acer Aspire 4520G (no 4520), but there is only 2 difference - I have 2GB Ram (but it doesn't matter) and there is GeForce 8400M G in my notebook. In some of the day I'll try to install Leopard (probably Leo4allv4.1 or iAtkos v4a). Previously I successful installed Leopard on Toshiba L20 (L20-101) so I shouldn't have problems (as I think ;]). What about WiFi (100% working?), card reader (Ricoh), Bluetooth (Broadcom), VGA output, S-Video output and finaly screen resolution (is 1280x800 working???)? Sorry for my probably stupid questions, but I like know everything before I'm starting something . Oh, and sorry for the English. Please write again, for step by step how to install newest Leopard and update to 10.5.7 on Acer Aspire 4520 (4520G).