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  1. We were having issues with our USB ports disconnecting at times, so my friend changed some stuff in the bios. However, now when I turn the computer on I dont even see the motherboard splash screen, nor do I see the olarila screen anymore either. Screen just stays inactive until it gets to the mac login screen. I feel like the olarila screen and splash screen is still there but for some reason it wont display. I can press and hol bios button at the beginning, then it wont get to the mac login screen, im assuming because it probably is actually in the bios, but for some reason nothing shows on my screen. And now I dont know how to get to bios, nor boot into my windows because i cant see the olarila screen either. Has anyone had this issue before? Not sure what to do if I cant boot into windows/bios. Specs: Gigabyte Designare z390 Intel 9700k Corsair Dominator Platinum 32gb Mojave 12.5
  2. I'm trying to get thunderbolt working on my hackintosh machine. I'm first trying to get it to work in my secondary windows 10 boot first. I have updated to latest Bios version, and downloaded the thunderbolt firmware and gigabyte thunderbolt firmware downloads and installed them. However, in my bios Thunderbolt Configuration does not show up under Peripherals. It shows up after i do the 'Load Optimized Defaults', however when I save & exit and load into bios again, it is again missing. It does not seem to save that feature. If i load optimized defaults, then change some other random setting in bios, and then save & exit, the random change I made stays, however the thunderbolt configuration is again missing, and because of this I am assuming I cant get thunderbolt devices to show up in my windows, I dont even have Thunderbolt devices under my Device Manager. I have been searching google for hours at this point, and I have seen a couple of people with the same issue but those threads didn't end up getting solved. Mother board is the Gigabyte Aorus z270x Gaming 5, I believe it supports thunderbolt, and I got the gigabyte alpine thunderbolt card (working, was using it on my regular PC for a bit). Please, I really need to get this running ASAP. I cant seem to find a solution to get my thunderbolt working. Thank you.
  3. Hey. Sorry if this has been covered many times, I couldn't seem to find any threads on it. Is there anything that needs to be done before updating from Sierra to High Sierra? Or should I just update Clover and then update to 10.13 regularly? Thanks.
  4. Success with the Club3D HDMI to DP1.2!! If anyone is having issues getting 4k, thats the one to get. Everything now seems to be working perfectly. Thank you .
  5. Thank you very much for the guide! I had to change a few things up for me, as it seems like my Pendrive that I was using to create the boot wasnt working properly (I was using a 64gb one, if that makes a difference). So I skipped the Boot Pendrive steps entirely. What I did instead, is use another mac to install Sierra 10.12 directly onto the HD via USB. Then I installed the given Clover install onto the HD, and copied the given folder for "System". After that, I changed the Bios settings on the hackintosh, and booted it up through the HD and followed the steps to update it etc. Works perfectly for me, however 4k does not seem to be working. I can get the hackintosh to run at home with my 144hz 1080p monitor via DVI, as well as my 1080p monitor via HDMI. However, when I bring it over to my studio, we have a 4k 60hz tv as the main display, and nothing seems to be working. I get the black screen, as if it isnt recognizing either the GPU or the display it self. I was able to plug in another monitor, and then plugin the 4k TV as a secondary and it seemed to work (however, only at 1080p as that is what my other display was, and it only works in mirror mode). Which leads me to believe it has something to do with the 4k. I have an HDMI 2.0 cable, and it didnt work through that (black screen on startup). I tried a HDMI to DP 1.2 adapter, still same thing. Next i will be trying a different HDMI to DP1.2 adapter that has been known to work with 4k for others. We will see how that goes, and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I do realize that it appears that mac does not natively have support for HDMI 2.0, but some have gotten it to work with the HDMI to DP1.2 adapter, the one in particular is the one from Club3D.