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  1. VoodooHDA

    Hi!!, I´m so happy I can finally use Skype! Does someone have Line In working?. In Logic Pro I can use Mic In as an input (using MIDI configuration "Aggregate Device") but not able to set Line In as one. I have ALC681-VD on a desktop machine.
  2. New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Oh, sorry. The old Kext gave me audio out, but, when the driver was unloaded due to inactivity, it started doing some noise. And, besides, I didn´t have mic in. So, now, with this driver I have mic in, audio out as usual but without the noise... digital outputs I can´t tell because I don't use them... I was so happy that mic in worked that nothing else mattered! I remind you that I have ALC861VD on a desktop machine. And other thing that I noticed is that when you reboot, the volume levels for inputs reset, so you have to re-reset them.
  3. New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Hi all, yesterday I downloaded a Kext from this website: Voodoo HDA. This kext worked for me!!! check it out!!!
  4. Hi all!, I´ve been reading all the posts here for almost a year, and I have a question, I dowloaded the script that reinitializes the driver every 5 minutes. I noticed that the initialization was too long, i mean, like 2 o 3 secs. Also, other thing I noticed is that when on MIDI and audio config, if i click the button with the n chanels and bit depht, the kexts indeed initializes, and with a delay of no more than a second. Is there a way to make a script that "presses" that button (or sends that message to Audio and Midi config) every x minutes?
  5. New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Hi, I tried almost every kext available for ALC861-VD. I read the "How to Patch AppleHDA" post and tried to make the mic work with no luck. MadTux if you are there: I tried different connections, reading from the codec dump I made on Kubuntu, should I try the latest mandriva to see if the codec dump changes?. One positive thing is that when I loaded on the kext the "ConfigData" taken from the codec dump, it made a difference in the sound config, changing from "Internal Mic" to "Line in", still with no difference on capturing any sound. Has anyone tried to do this same thing? I´m not asking for success, but I´d like to know if some of you tried at least. I must say it is a long road to make it work, but I think there is an end on that road, it´s just a matter of time. PD: my ALC861-VD is on an Nvidia Board, its a desktop PC.
  6. My god!!! thanks!!!, I was having issues with iTunes and QuikTime crashing at startup and with media files! Now it works!! Now I have a question... If I install an update that has already been patched for AMD, will it affect on something? If I want to know if an update has a new mach_kernel on it, shall I look it up with Pacifist? Ok, sorry for the dumb questions! Thanks!
  7. New ALC861VD ALC268 ALC660/660VD

    Has anybody got mic working?, I have ALC861-VD or 862 on a MSI mother board, no laptop. I get loud noise from external mic, and it only gets really loud sounds, that end up sounding distorted. Anyone with this same issue? Anyone knows if it should work?
  8. Working great so far, like 3 hours too, no distortion no KP. Excellent!!
  9. God, If this driver gets to work I definitely migrate to Mac.... but definitely. I´m having all the problems already posted here ... distortion after x mins and random kernel panics... Still, keep up the great work!!! Greetings from Argentina.
  10. I´m having distortion over time problem too, using a Live! card. I was trying to run Max/MSP 5 Runtime and when I activate the patch it shuts down, does anyone have a clue about this? could it be some MIDI problem?.. Great work with the driver!! Keep the good work!! Juan.
  11. Algunas cuestiones gráficas

    Hola, logré instalar la distribución de Zephiroth 1.5.2 REV 1 en mi máquina AMD. Tengo todo funcionando bastante bien, video, red, audio (driver nuevo de Sound Blaster Live!). El único inconveniente, del cual no puedo encontrar información, es que cuando trabajo en aplicaciones como el Sibelius (Editor de partituras), al arrastrar las ventanas, las cuales contienen muchas fuentes (de música) con suavizado, el rendimiento baja drasticamente, o sea, la ventana se arrastra muy lentamente. No es un graan problema, pero, en windows eso solo sucede cuando se activa el suavizado. En mac, ¿se puede desactivar el suavizado?, o será que mi placa de video no tiene los drivers correctos..., pues no se, espero algún comentario suyo! Juan.
  12. Ok, probé eso. Lo extraje con Pacifist, instalé y reinicie. El problema es que algo mal habré hecho, porque ahora no tengo ni mouse ni teclado, y al inicio un cartel me dice que el kext ha sido mal instalado.... y aqui me quedo sin saber que hacer. ¿Puedo acceder al disco desde el terminal del DVD de instalación y modificar archivos?, tal vez así podria hacer algo, sino voy a considerar reinstalar todo, aunque no es la opción que mas prefiera. EDIT: Ok, pude arreglar el pequeño inconveniente. Utilicé el Terminal del DVD de instalación para reparar los permisos del archivo y voilá!. Sin embargo sigo sin poder acceder a las opciones de Raton y Teclado, se queda en "cargando Raton y Teclado..." Pregunta: para realmente "instalar" el kext de este post, debo reescribir la carpeta plugins/ps2keyboard.kext no? o hay que hacer algo mas elaborado? por otro lado, tengo kernel panics muy seguido al andarme por las preferencias del sistema, ya sean, Red, fondo de pantalla, espacios.. lo que sea. Alguien sabe si esto es algo que suceda normalmente? Saludos!
  13. Hola, installé este kext con un teclado PS2 ya funcionando, pensando que iba a "mejorar" el funcionamiento, por ej. la tecla num lock, etc. Pero luego de borrarlo no puedo acceder a las opciones de teclado y ratón en las preferencias del sistema. Como puedo solucionar esto? yo ya tenia el ApplePS2Controller.kext instalado, por ahí si lo quito e instalo el tuyo funciona. Alguna idea? Gracias, Juan.
  14. comunidad LEO4ALL

    Tengo esta version andando ahora. Me llevó un poco de tiempo agarrarle la mano, pero ahora tengo Graficos, Sonido y Red (un poco a medias). Algunos que otros problemitas, Kernel Panics al ver un PDF, pero creo que es una cuestión del actualizar el ultimo driver de video.
  15. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Hi all, I have a MCP61 chipset, with 0x03EF LAN on it. The problem was that I could not get connection since the MAC address detected appeared backwards. So I downloaded MEdevils forcedeth.zip, installed forcedeth-nock.kext and works. Now, I get the usual KP on heavy loads, is it possible to mr Chutenhh to add this mod to your more stable driver? I tried using the ifconfig command with no luck, I think i did it right, should the changed MAC address update in Network config window? becouse mine doesn`t. Thanks for your effort!