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  1. Bootcamp install on the new Imac

    Hello! I do have exactly the same problem! iMac 27.. brand new just arrived HDD the same as above.. by the way. Hitachi HDE721010SLA330 Windows 7 - 32 on boot camp. Also tryed Windows XP - the same problem. At boot it freeze with: - gray screen - gray screen with boot device choice - black screen with "a disk read error occured" press ctrl alt delete to restart.. And it's start fine some times. Very disappointed and very sad. Especially considering the way that apple respond until now to this issue. I really hope they will fix it sooner or later. I will report this problem to local Apple Store. If anybody get some news about our issue, please post here. All the best.
  2. Good! Could you please upload it. That we can also install it. I'm on Tiger 10.4.11 Thank you. Also can someone tell me how to check 2200 driver version already installed in my system, please?
  3. How to check version of the driver currently installed? I'm using 2200. Thank you.
  4. Scrolling for Hackintosh's

    Anybody tried it on ThinkPad with 10.4..?
  5. IBM Thinkpad T30 10.4.8 Full guide

    I have success with XxX 10.4.11 v2. For our ThinkPad T30, we need to select SEE2 combo. Also ATI 7500 work with QE enabled, right after installation. The only thing that i need is a way to use scrolling with touchpad. Anybody have it to work? Also is anyone was able to boot some recent 10.5 DVDs?
  6. Please can somebody post last 2200 for 10.4.. I try to compile, but this svnX just freeze after i insert repo and try to open it. Thanks
  7. Sorry, but where to get them.. is it updated section of stable driver or it is on SVN Latest section. How to check what version do i have at the moment and what version is available. I'm confused... can't see it in FAQ. Need a little help. thx
  8. Right, I can just confirm it. I did it on ThinPad T30. Works very well! BUT, if you touch some of the additional red nipple control or touch the nipple, you can't move the courser anymore, touchpad stop to respond and have to reboot. Anythink we coud try to disable nipple control.. any idea, please? Otherwise it works very well. We need to fix it on ThinPads.
  9. But apart from the new features, is it something to do to avoid crash of the system.. freezing? Thank you. PS. If I can help.. I have mini-pci 2200BG in my thinkpad T30. And 10.4.11
  10. We getting closer.. now I switched 2200 off within driver menu, and connect my ThinkPad to the internet by wire build-in ethernet. And live it downloading staff all the night. And guess what? No crash! It still alive. So I'm more concern about driver. Today will put my Dlink USB dangle. Maybe developers could advice some older version or something that we could try to do? What about WEP, could be a case of this freezing? It's strange, cose otherwise driver work very well, just this crash from time to time..
  11. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Rev2

    Thank you, i will try. Should I add something from "no-EFI kexts" section? Also should I select 10.4.5 logwindow?
  12. You mean it's freeze sometime? What could we try to do, to prevent it?
  13. Hello, I have MINI-PCI 2200BG Wi-Fi in my ThinkPad T30. It works well with last stable and beta drv version. I have no problem to connect to my WEP PROTECTED Wi-Fi router. So, i press connect and it ask me for key. I have to insert the key every reboot. No way to have auto-reconnection every boot. But, I have one Q to ask. Some times my system is just crash. In a way, it's suddenly freeze. No cursor movement, no error massage. It just freeze. Only way to switch it off, keep OFF button for a while. I don't know is it from Wi-Fi or what. Did somebody have similar experience? It's really difficult to say what could be a problem. Just to know, if it some common issue or not. Thank you.
  14. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Rev2

    BlackCH, Yes 7500 works well, I will insert booting screenshot. I want to test other options with other KERNEL.. I used 8.9.1 KERNEL for now. I've seen post about succes 8.11.1 on SSE2 (northwood). Could you please give me some clue for start.. what options would be a choice. "If you want to give a try to the 8.11.1 kernel then choose the 8.11.1 no-EFI kernel instead of the 8.9.1 (deselect all 3 choices)... Probably you will need to boot with '-legacy' flag." Something else? What about patches? Thank you
  15. XxX_OS_x86_10.4.11_Install_Disc_Rev2

    BlackCH, thank you very much, I can confirm ATI 7500 patch, works very well.. I select just ATI 7500 patch and AGPgart light vertion. And got my ati 7500 16 mb ready with QE enabled right after installation. But i still have this system crash from time to time... it's just stop to respond and freez. Can't do anything. Really have no idea what to do. In addition I install wi-fi 2200, last stable from developers. The one on DVD is kinda old. Could this be a problem? Also Adobe CS and MS Office 2008, is very slow to start. Toast Roxio 8 and 9, just buncoing and burn my CPU.. never managed it to start. I have ThinkPad T30. Pentium 4M 1,8 (SEE2 only), i select this option for SSE2. 512 Ram I really sad it's crash sometimes. I live it overnight, and found it with frozen screensaver at the morning.