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  1. Network Solution for Leopard

    thanks a lot , it works
  2. i am in bad luck thanks for your reply,time ed
  3. hi time ed, my lan card is 82562GT with vender:8086 driver id 10c4 i do as you said on #57,but it doesn't work for me can you give me some advice , thanks very much
  4. anybody know LAN Card of Intel 82562GT can work? need help.. thanks very much
  5. 82562GT onboard nic

    anybody fix the 82562GT ethernet? if yes ,please share with us , thanks very much
  6. i have installed iwi3945v738.dmg but when i kextload it ,is fails my system is jas 10.5.2. can anybody help me ?thanks
  7. LAN Intel 82562

    we are in the same boat anyone can help us ?so appriciate
  8. Installs JaS DVD perfectly, restarts messes up

    hi Dozo_1st have you fixed your lan? if yes would you please share with us/ we have the same device id
  9. [HowTo] Fix Network Problem with Intel PRO/100 VE

    hello 1kenobi,can you help me ?my Eth is also 82562,my id is 0x10c48086, i have try the attachment,but it fails, i want to ask where shoud i place the attachment,/system/Lib../Extensions or /System/Lib../Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ ? i have add my id in Info.plist and copy the AppleIntel82555.kext to /System/Lib../Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/ when i reboot ,i found /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleIntel8254XEthernet.kext also loaded, if i delete AppleIntel8254XEthernet,i can not even start my leopard any ideal?thank you
  10. can someone tell me how to pick_up thirds applications form kalyway10.5.2 Dvd ? i have found ,thanks
  11. 救命啊!

    我的nv 7100gs安装自带的titan就ok 不知道你的可以不? 尝试下吧
  12. 我的笔记本是hp6520s,安装上jas 10.5.2,x3100显卡无法驱动 我的显卡在win下是:Intel Corporation Mobile GME965/GLE960 Integrated Graphics Controller 我安装过iATKos的版本,选了显卡无法驱动 下载过网上流行的GMAX3100的驱动,在windows下修改natit.kext里面的Info.plist文件,加入我的设备 我的设备id:0x2a12,我就在那个文件中加入0x2a128086,用kext helper安装后重启还是没有驱动成功..各位大哥帮帮忙吧? 用过命令行下安装,修复权限,重启还是没有效果。 我还安装过网上流传的gmax3100.pkg都无法搞定. 外接显示器也没用 我的设备id比较怪2a12,好像论坛说这个id不好驱动,不知道大哥兄弟们有搞定的么 请各位大哥兄弟帮帮........ 为了苹果我买了usb声卡和usb无线网卡,都可以用了..最后就查显卡!!
  13. Intel GMA X3100

    i have installed iAtkos,also select the x3100 driver,when reboot it's useless i doubt maybe gmax3100 driver isn't suitable for gme 965 graphic card any one have successfull driver gmax3100 with driver cardid 2a12? help us ..... thankyou
  14. thanks for you reply , you say do a "Leopard Graphics update v1", do you mean using kextload,such as kextload /System/Library/Extensions/XXXXXXA.kexts ,or how ? i thought when restart mac will reload kexts. thanks for your helpe
  15. Intel GMA X3100

    i also meet this situation call somebody help us !!! thanks very much