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  1. ALC888 ICH9

    I did the same thing as rajindia except I'm using Digital out. I get full surround when running sources that utilize DD.
  2. Hey guys. I have a few drives (e.g. vista drive) that I want to have not mounted automatically from boot. How can I achieve this? Would appreciate a step by step direction. I'm not too familiar with the terminal commands. Thank you in advance.
  3. Which mouse do you use?

    I used to use Razer Deathadder and it was pretty choppy.. It would jump a few pixels often, which got really annoying in PS. So I decided to purchase the mighty mouse and all is fine now.
  4. Full 7.1/5.1 on ALC888 @ Abit IP35 Pro... Anyone?

    I'm sure you already know, but just in case you didn't. You only get stereo (fl, fr) on most of the things you play (e.g. music and etc). Does your speakers support DD? If it does, you can try to play a dolby encoded movie on vlc, then you should get full surround. Just make sure you set 'preferences -> Audio -> Use S/PDIF When available' to on via vlc. If I'm totally off about your question, kindly disregard my post =)
  5. Hey guys. I have a question. There seems to be a few dump files that applies to alc888 at the website (http://psykopat.free.fr/apple/AppleHDA/realtek/) I'm just wondering, which one is best suited for ip35pro? Thanks in advance =)
  6. Will we ever see x-fi support on osx86?

    damn. that sucks.. Well, a man can only wish. >_>
  7. Will we ever see x-fi support on osx86?

    I have no knowledge regarding kext development and such but can't linux drivers be used as reference to create some sort of a working solution for the x-fis? http://us.creative.com/support/downloads/d...ng=XFiDrv_Linux Just a thought. I'm dying to get my x-fi prelude working on my hackintosh.
  8. Best way to back the OSX system?

    I use carbon copy cloner. http://www.bombich.com/software/ccc.html It basically uses the function from disk utility, but I prefer it instead. I generally make an image after a fresh install + all necessary apps. Just so that I can restore when I fudge something up.
  9. thanks for the response byuu. Currently, I "can" shutdown - with some shutdownfix patch i found in the forums. What it does is, it kills all the cores except 1 when you initiate the shutdown command. and that does seem to do the trick. Just would've been nice to have both the fixes in 1 patch. =) Anyways, thanks for your efforts! ^^
  10. Any chance to fix the shutdown also? Reboot is fine with patch, but shutdown still hangs when I remove this other shutdownfix patch.
  11. Making Leopard's Aurora Wallpaper Move!

    I want some! I think he's using a Quartz composer composition
  12. kalyway 10.5.2 with 8gb RAM?

    I'm running with 8gb. It's running very stable. But it really depends on your setup, and even on two identical setups - there will be some differences in stability. Best way for you to know for sure is to try it out. Just keep in mind that if your rig is overclocked, you may have to lax it a bit due to all 4 dimms being filled. And yes, you're running a 64bit os. Leopard contains both 32-bit and 64-bit libraries. So if your setup supports 64bits, it will utilize it.
  13. Computer does not always power down

    http://rapidshare.com/files/112849041/poweroff_fix.zip.html Didn't feel like looking for the darn thread, so I uploaded it. Just run the installer.
  14. AppleSMBIOS? huh? what? eh?

    Hey guys.. again.. Just wondering.. Which applesmbios is best suited for my setup? Also, where can i find it? o.O Currently, I have the default one from setup. During the initial install, I unchecked all the things I thought I didn't need. It seemed fine so far, but lately my setup has been a TAD unstable. So I'm wondering if 1) I installed the os with the wrong customization options 2) I need to update smbios. But I'm not sure of either of them. So I would greatly appreciate 1) which options should be installed on my setup (specs below) 2) where and which smbios to get. Although I feel bad asking for such info, I'm so lost when it comes to this... >_> specs : Q6600 Abit IP35-PRO 8800 Ultra 4 x 2gb DDR2 Thanks guys.
  15. OSX only seeing 256mb on my 8800ultra?

    I installed over the previous installation, and now it seems to be recognized.Thanks Cyber =)Also, other than the graphics/displays, do you get the other info on the profiler? Such as the ATA, and etc.. I don't get them. It says "There was an error while gathering this information." for most of the items. (e.g. ata, memory, and etc) ooh and cool wallpaper!Where'd you get that, if you don't mind me asking =O