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  1. GA-G31M-ES2L - Rev. 2 - Install

    I was not able to get this motherboard to sleep in Leopard (I gave up...). I did, however, get it to sleep with a vanilla install of Snow Leopard. =) Everything except for Ethernet works great in snow leopard. I think these are the kexts I used. FramebufferDisabler.kext OpenHaltRestart.kext LegacyAppleRTC_32bit_Only.kext PlatformUUID.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext fakesmc.kext There's a good guide for installing snow leopard on rev. 1 that works well for rev 2... google something like "install now leopard ga-g31m-es2l snow leopard" and look for the guide on how to install it from vanilla. Good luck.
  2. GA-G31M-ES2L - Rev. 2 - Install

    Get VoodooPower.kext... I'm not sure where to download it at, but if you google it you shouldn't have much trouble finding it. It worked for me. Everything works for me except for ethernet and sleep. Does anyone else with rev. 2 have trouble with sleep? If not, what kext did you use? I tried sleepenabler to no avail.
  3. Gigabyte M68SM-S2 MCP67 PATA - SATA - AUDIO

    Having trouble downloading this file. Could you repost, if you're still watching hte topic? My mcp67 pata only works on PIO and stuck at 128gb it seems through AppleGenericPCATA and I can't figure out how to get it working at full speed.
  4. EDIT: Fixed, nevermind. Sorry.