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  1. I haven't tested firewire. As for 8 cores showing up, yes, I have that. Make sure Hyperthreading is turned on in your bios settings. Depending on your install method, it may have been turned off at one point. My processor is Quad Core with Hyperthreading (two threads per core), showing 8.
  2. After a long run of Mac OS X 10.5 on my Dell, I decided to upgrade to Snow Leopard. I archived my data off and did a fresh install. I used my MBP to install the software onto a USB drive. I ran MyHack 1.1 to enable the drive. -> I used the disable graphics function I had to copy over the Intel networking drivers to get networking running. I used VoodooHDA to get sound. After that, I used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the drive to my hard drive. After a short while, everything was run.. except video. I am running an MT, with the 4850 card. I tried the 7_radeon...pkg. I tried the framebuffer package. But, to no avail, I keep coming to a blue screen with nothing on it. Any ideas? Also, I am running 10.6. What's the best way to upgrade to the current (or a more current) version?
  3. I used to have MSDN access, but I don't anymore. Sorry there. My keyboard's volume controls do cause the volume to change on my system (meaning the graphic and sliders move). However, I have no sound.
  4. Teddie, Good luck on the sound. I don't have one or I would try it for you.
  5. The logo pause is a known issue and there's a fix. Once you are set, you can update the system. See the first post, it talks about a pause. There's a patch (DSDT) that must be run to get rid of the pause. Yes, that's a graphics issue. However, you aren't going to be able to do much with those graphics. If you can, try booting into safe mode. I believe that option is -f at the boot options screen.
  6. I would, but my Mac is the new MBP with the Mini Display Port. I don't feel like buying another adapter to run VGA (as the DVI connector cannot be used with a DVI2VGA adapter). That, and 10.5.7 should be out soon with native support for the 4850. That will solve my issue. Only one known issue for 10.5.7.
  7. I noticed a few differences on the video card. I am using the 4850, so it may be a bit different. On mine, I had to change the port it used to display the graphics. I am not completely thrilled as the card didn't offer a 1920x1200 resolution, which is native for my 24" Samsung. So, I am running 1600x1200, which is a little distorted. My card has two DVI and one SVideo out. I am using a DVI to VGA adapter as the MBP is using the DVI connection. As for the PS, I knew it would be an issue. I am driving two drives on mine without a problem. I plan on upgrading it one day. And good luck on the sound.
  8. Have you applied the Bios update? I did one last week. It changed the bios logo to a Dell Studio XPS logo. I haven't had a single panic. I am not using the DLINK (or Belkin, I can't remember which one you bought) wireless adapter, as I have it wired. It might be related to that. As for the fan noise, it hasn't been too bad. Certainly no a Mac, although my old G5 Dual would occasionally sound like a jet engine, it has been reasonable. My hard drives don't make much noise. I am not sure about yours, but mine came with a 7200 RPM hitachi 750 GB drive. I added a 7200 1.5 TB Seagate drive. I am contemplating putting my 1 TB samsung drive in as well, as it would be faster than the usb interface. Let us know about your kernel panics. It would be interesting to see if they are network or video related.
  9. I have everything working on my Dell Studio XPS except sound.
  10. I thought about RAID 0, as well. I just didn't want to buy yet another HD for some added performance.
  11. I gave up on trying to get everything set up on the 1.5TB drive. I ended up creating a little 200GB partition for Windows and used the rest as a data storage drive for the Mac. Not quite what I wanted, but the end result is the same. I kept getting boot0: errors. I even reformatted the drive MBR and back to GPT to try and get rid of it, to no avail. So, I am all good now. I have a nice clean image. I am debating stripping out on of my images and hosting it. Then you just need to extract it to a hard drive with iAtkos. If someone gets sound working, that would be terrific. If not, I am still set.
  12. I was able to get it installed on the smaller of my two drives. Instead of CCC, I used SuperDuper! Then you make the drive active with vsdbutil and install EFI. It is working just as well as the USB, just much faster. I am now trying to reinstall on the 1.5TB drive. I was going to used the 750GB for Windows. When I tried on the 1.5TB, I got a message related to oot0:GPT, oot0: HFS+, oot:error. So, I must've messed something up and am starting again. There is good news, it's very fast at copying data and only going through two steps. After this, I can move it to a small portable usb drive and have a backup whenever I need it.
  13. I will verify after this install attempt. I am cloning a drive again, one that is fully set up and works but is USB. Plug any USB drive in, and hit F12. It will show up. I had 4 USB drives plugged in at one point with three different installs of OS X on them. I have one called main that works well. I just wish I could get it to work completely on an internal 7500 RPM drive.
  14. You just use F12 and you can also set the boot order. It works pretty good, but it is a little bit slow. So, I wanted to put it on a fast dedicated drive. Plus, I won't have extra cables hanging out of the computer. I had mine go to sleep but I didn't test the LAN. I will check it out for you. At first, I had a problem where the screen would come up blank, like there was no OS and it just hung. I have gotten past that. I have done about 5 installs only to get the system to boot but any time I try to turn on hyperthreading and cores, it would hang during the boot process after finding reporting on the MACF. I have even cloned the USB hard drive (Carbon Copy Cloner), which is supposed to make an exact duplicate and it doesn't work right. It will boot, but again, issues with the CPU. I have followed the instructions diligently, used the DSDT.aml file provided, tried creating my own, etc. Still trying to work through the issues.
  15. Try iStatPro. It's a widget. I would try it out, but I am in the midst of reinstalling everything. I had it installed on an external USB drive. I couldn't get Vista to install on a GPT disk, so I bought a new 1.5TB drive for Mac OS. But, I have been having issues. Right now, I am getting panics right after boot. It's been a bunch of trouble. Ugh. I can still boot to the USB drive, but I am having issues on the internal. I am waiting to see if it will boot up right now. Ugh. Anyway, let me know if iStatPro works for you. http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/s...s/istatpro.html