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  1. leo on an off the shelf HP?

    i have enough knowledge to remove and disable the system update at least on the apple menu and anything else i can lock him out of it's only bsd at the core and everything is controlled by config files
  2. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...27&lang=it# here's a link for the board that it's using does anyone think it's possible to get a decent experiance out of it on hack ... qe/ci ... for of all people my grandfather who has been thru a computer a year and for who ijust had to gothru the pain of a backup and factory restore ... 8 hours later... i'm getting the leo disk out
  3. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    anything universal works for me here .. limewire as well... azerus... the one thing i'm trying to get to work on here is AW's maya 2008 ... i think it might be a qe/ci thing tho edit> 10.4.10 amd turion64 1gig ddr2 80 gig and a radeon ... it thinks it's an 1100 but reports a 200m
  4. Monitor your temperature under OSX

    no temps .. acer aspire 5050 amd64... oh well
  5. i'm surprised i havent seen the wonderful useful command line text search tool GREP $ ls -al | grep string the string is anything you're looking for ... or if your looking for something in your logs that you need & cat /var/log/system.log | grep whatever & cat /var/log/secure.log | grep failure .... this one shows you only the lines that have the word failure in them ... that's really all i can think of right now
  6. i've designed a few DAW's and a single dual core will do perfectly as well as around about 2 gig of ram ... where you wanna go nuts on is hard drive space as most of everything is put out as uncompressed waveform files if you get the right board which has i believe (but i'm not exactly sure) the intel 915 northbridge you should be alright with graphics as far as wireless ... i guess generic wifi should work but check around see what card and chipset is gonna give you the best performance and ease of install but for bluetooth ... there's only one the dlink dbt-120 from my research. for ideas on builds go and look around the installation forums and see what people have had sucess with