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  1. Netgear wg511 problem

    I have a Compaq laptop running 10.4.5. Everything works except for my Netgear wg511 card. Wiki says it is compatible but there is nothing showing up. I have tried gt drivers and cant get anything to work. Does anyone have any help they can offer me. I have searched but cant find anything on the site with a definite answer.
  2. I have 10.4.5 installed on a amd 64 3000+ machine with asus a8n sli motherboard. I am looking for any updates to get my version higher than current.. I have looked around but can only find intel only upgrades. thanks in advance
  3. X86 Installed but a few questions

    That would be great if you could provide that for me thanks
  4. I have a AMD 64 3000+ with 1gb ram, Asus A8n Sli MB. I have installed the 10.4.1 install dvd. And then i installed a 630megish update (i think 104.3 update) Well my machine will not restart..it will shutdown fine. But when i goto restart it sits there with the round spinning thing. I do not know if the update took or not. How can i tell it it did or not. Also what patches do i need to apply for sound. Or should i find one of the DVD 10.4.3 patched on the web. Itunes 4.8 works. Is there a guide out there that I can read up on? I just really need some help:( thanks
  5. Machine will not restart

    I have just installed 10.4.1 on my machine. I have also ran the 10.4.3 updater. My machine will shutdown but not restart. It just sits there with the round spinning thingy (same one you get when 1st booting up). Has anyone had this problem? I also downloaded the 10.4.3 Wesler DVD and when i installed, it got about 1/2 way thru and gave a message about an error and that i would have to restart. Any help with that problem? thanks, wireless guy