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  1. Ati

    Only the hdmi worked for me tried using the dvi no go dvi to hdmi no go hdmi to hdmi works fine monitor shows up as 1080p display with other display options purchased two of these for both systems love the card
  2. Ati

    Well Neweggs black friday deals started at 3pm today that HIS card was sold out but i see they have it back now for the same 64.99 with a rebate just ordered another one for my other box
  3. Ati

    HIS H467QS1GH Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail this is the card i have its sold out on newegg it was their pre-black friday sale i took a chance and it worked
  4. Ati

    The only thing i did was plug the card in i updated to 10.6.2 i was using an nvidia Gefore 94gt 512 before with pc efi 10.5 i took a chance and ordered this HIS card because it was on sale if it didnt work i would have put in my win7 desktop pc dvi to hdmi didnt work but a straight hdmi cable worked fine i was surprised maybe its the brand of card i didnt do anything special i looked at apple,s site and it said it radeon hd4670 so i took a chance and i guess it paid off very fast card 1 gig memory
  5. Ati

    Ok so my HIS radeon hd4760 1 gig video card just showed up from newegg its part of thier pre-black friday deal of 64.99 a really big card, anyway plugged it in to my jetway mobo i31gm4 a real good solid board im using SL 10.6.2 it booted connected via a dvi to hdmi cable no pic at first so i ran a hdmi to hdmi cable instead and everything booted up fine i was amazed here is a screen shot radeon.tiff
  6. Netkas PC EFI v10.5

    Silverlight finally installed without telling you that your running a powerpc system is much smoother thank you
  7. Wg311t works fine in 32 bit mode only reconized as airport
  8. I use a Wg311t pci card its recognized as airport in SL no fix needed only 32 bit mode now no 64
  9. Best Graphics Card with Snow Leopard

    GeForce 9400 GT 512 24" Samsung 1080P Lcd HDMI to Dvi cable NVEnabler X32/64 kext SL 64 monitor shows up as 1080P in display settings all settins workdisplay is crisp and bright all resolutions to choose from
  10. iTunes 9 and Hackintoshes (fixed!)

    I dont have any problems everthing works fine
  11. ALC662 codec for SL on GA p35 s3G

    I used kext helper to install voodoohda 0.2.2 and it works fine removed AppleHDA from extensions restarted and everything is good
  12. ALC662 codec for SL on GA p35 s3G

    i used voodooHDA it works ok i had to go to midi after that and change 9600 to 4400 and from 48 bit to 16 bit
  13. Well here is something for all to look into my WG311t showed up as Airport but no networks were found so today after a week decided to change the pci slot of the card and it works all networks in area showed up Wep was using a Belkin usb im in 32 bit havent tried x64 yet.
  14. I've released boot 132 for SNOWLEOPARD!

    I think the reason why this cd doesnt work for me and alot of others is that this was made for Gigabyte owners i tried it on my jetway I31gm4 which i have SL working fine from the other methods and it booted but cause KP, tried it on my gigabyte mother with Quad core cpu and it worked fine so maybe thats what it is jetway is ich7 gigabyte is ich10
  15. My card is a WG311T that device id is listed in Atheros kext my card shows up as airport it says on but doesnt see any networks im wondering if its chameleon rc1 that might be the problem because my card worked in leopard no problems FIXED i changed the pci slot and crossed my finger and it works all the networks showed up in 32 bit mode will try 64 bit mode