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  1. XP dead after installing OSX

    im having the same problem with windows now. too
  2. HELP! Acer Aspire M5630

    cmon... someone.. i have searched this... tried the cpus=1 but that just gets me to get the other discs to do the same think as leopard. also tried playing with settings in the bios... im totaly lost.
  3. HELP! Acer Aspire M5630

    STATS Processor Type Intel Core 2 Q6600 Processor Speed 2.4GHz RAM 2GB DDR2 Hard Drive 320GB 7200RPM Optical Drives Supermulti Drive, (DVD+/-RW), DVD-RAM Graphics Card Intel GMA X3100 Up To 384MB Shared VRAM Available Expansion Bays 1 - PCI-E x16, 1- PCI-E x1, 1 - PCI 2.2 Available Expansion Slots 1 x 3.5", 1 x 5.25" Cache 8MB L2 Network Card RJ-45 Sound Card Intel G31 Express Chipset w/ ICH7-DH System Bus 1066MHz heres the problem I have 3 instal disks 10.4.6 goatsecks - this one seems like its gonna work.. but before it starts loading anything it restarts 10.4.9 uphuck - same as above 10.5 somthing something rc2.. forget the name.. this one starts to load. but then it stops and the last thing it says is... mac framework successfully initialized using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers im totaly lost.. i havent seen this before.... is there something i should type when i booth up the instal disc to make them work... i cant find any commands for what to type.. none of the discs show them... this is starting to realy suck i should add... all of these discs worked on my dell.. so theres no problem with the discs
  4. Katana

    ok well i have the ati x300 and this mostly worked.... before i couldnt change the display at all but now i can chance it too 640x480 800x600 and sadly the highest ist STILL 1024x768
  5. HELP - D-link dwl-g132

  6. HELP - D-link dwl-g132

    it even shows up under the usb device tree >usb high speed bus >usb WLAN >version 0.01 >bus power (mA) 500 >speed up too 480Mb/sec >manufacturer atheros communications inc >product is 0x3a03 >serial number 1.0 >vendor ID 0x2001 someone please help
  7. HELP - D-link dwl-g132

    D-Link AirplusXtreme G DWL-G132 Wireless USB Adapter USB2.0 802.11b/g AR5005UG
  8. HELP - D-link dwl-g132

    i cant get this to work.. there must be some way it will work its atheros
  9. wireless problem

    ok so i cant install the wireless enabler..... i have tried a few times... i just says try again... im beginging to think its going to keep saying that everytime everything else works perfect... i just want to stop using cds to get all my {censored} on there toshiba satelite a40 also... i dont see the traingle thing....... its like.. wireless is a foregin idea on my machine.. like asking someone from the 50s if they like michael jacksons
  10. weird bootup

    and of course. it works.. thanks a bunch. now i have to get soundcard working... but ill try to figure that out with all the information readily available on here. i just got stuck on that one thing
  11. weird bootup

    well thanks.. i hope this works... i know i havent done this properly then... would you be able to tell me quickly why it doesnt work if you install the other packages?
  12. weird bootup

    am i supposed to just choose one?.... i looked all over for this info.... but yeah... cant find it... iv been trying to get mac to work since i heard of this like... january lol. its so close.... for some reason im hopping there is somthing i can just type at the boot up and it will start up properly ok thats what im going to do this time be back in 30
  13. weird bootup

    actualy i think this install i installed all the packages.. sept amd stuff uhmmm its a laptop... i think the toshiba satelite a-41 its a pentium 4 at 2.2 gigs (or around there) whats mobo?
  14. Problem at the end of installation

    the same thing happens to me. the text just scrolls. and then it stops and reboots the computer and does that over and over again... i think i left it on all night last night and nothing happend