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  1. Keyno

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hey tluck, thank you for the quick reply. I think, it's not an Intel based USB3 controller, perhaps it's rather an Renesas according to this website: http://www.driveridentifier.com/scan/renesas-electronics-usb-30-host-controller/download/2117718684/AF89CD970BEF44C99DA3791557CF8E16/PCI%5CVEN_1033%26DEV_0194%26REV_04 I've tried installing Rehabman's kext and patching the DSDT (renaming EHC1->EH01 and EHC2->EH02.) but had no luck. Maybe it's because it's maybe no Intel controller. And yea, I think sleep doesn't work, because USB wakes him up. Mmh, maybe I'll just continue using Yosemite. Have a nice day, keyno
  2. Keyno

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hey guys! I'm using a T420s and just upgraded to El Capitan 10.11.1. Unfortunately, the USB3 jack doesn't work, neither does sleep. I've installed the kexts using _kext-install.bash. Audio, Trackpad, Ethernet, Wifi (Broadcom), everything works fine and is running. Just sleep and USB3 don't work. Any ideas? Thanks, keyno
  3. Any news on this? I'm also trying to get sleep working, but without success. Any idea how to get the perfect Sound? VoodooHDA has some distortions for me. I'd like to have a nice dsdt patch for speedstep, c/p/states etc. Can't find something for the T61. Also: Does the Trackpoint work for anyone of you? I got to know that it could work after disabling the Touchpad in the BiOS, but I'd prefer to use both of them.
  4. Keyno

    Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    Hey, I could need some help with my i3-370M. I always stuck at "DSMOS has arrived" when I try to install Lion GM. My Specs: -- dv6-3103eg -- Core i3-370M -- 4GB RAM -- HD Graphics GMA 5700, --- ATI Radeon HD 5470 (512MB) I tried: netkas' ATY_init, exoticpatch, the tut on the beginning of this thread, removing every Graphickext, removing AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient.kext, booting with -v -f -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes cpus=1 - or stuck with KP about ACPI Kernel Error BIOS? Nope... No possibility to change something with the GPUs. Ext. Monitor? Nope, always no signal, neither HDMI, nor VGA. Has maybe anybody an idea, what I could try? Greets, Keyno Sry for my crappy English..
  5. Keyno

    DSMOS has arrived

    Hey, this does not work for me I have an Core i3-370M. I think the problem is the IGP 5700. If nothing happens after "DSMOS has arrived", the graphic card could not be initialized. This seems to happen for the new Core i-family. I tried to install Lion GM. I had no problems with preparing the USB Pendrive till here. I tried several kext's and the fix mentioned above, but nothing changed... GraphicsEnabler=yes I hope, somebody can help me Thanks in advance! Greetings, Keyno Specs: HP Pavilion dv6-3103eg Intel® Core™ i3-370M 4 GB DDR3 (1 x 4096 MB) 500 GB SATA-HDD 7200 U/min ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5470 (512MB DDR3 dedicated) + shared memory & IGP
  6. Keyno

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Sorry, don't have a OS X on the S12 now. Can I test that also in Windows? Does it really not work for you with this and the AirPortBrcm43xxEnabler.kext, which I have extracted from the S10Enabler (I just put that in /E/Extensions.mkext)? This way I didn't need to tape pin 20, I also heard someone else who did that and that worked for him, too. Did you really patch your IO80211Family and do you have AirPortBrcm43xxEnabler.kext in /Extra? Keyno
  7. Keyno

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    I didn't try it, but I had the Bluetooth symbol at the top and in the system preferences. So I thought, I would work, but I didn't try connecting with another device or transferring anything. And I didn't use any Extension and no DSDT fixes for Bluetooth. Keyno
  8. Keyno

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Well, I never used a tape^^ And, yes I used your DSDT from s10lenovo.com. This way everything instead of LAN, Camera w/o iChat and HDMI Audio worked. The DSDT above I didn't try. Greets Keyno
  9. Keyno

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    I think you're wrong, I never had one on it and it worked without problems, what I used for WiFi only was: E/E: AirportBrcm43xxEnabler.kext S/L/E: IO80211Family.kext BRCM43xx fix using the .sh file No DSDT Fixes/Hacks That worked for me, maybe it will work for you, too. Keyno
  10. Keyno

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Yes, I have the ION Intel version. I'd just summarize what I did yet: 1. Copied a vanilla SL installation with my PowerHack to the HDD of the S12 (I took the HDD out of it to do this), so that I don't have to reinstall Windows again. 2. Used the Chameleon Dual Boot Installer 3. Upgraded Chameleon to rev700 4. Made my own Extra folder with everything important in it =) 5. Installed Battery Meter using this (install AppleACPIPlatform.1340.v1.4.pkg) and VoodooBattery So now I have the following in E/E - Patched DSDT - smbios: MacBookPro5,1 - com.apple.boot.plist with PciRoot=1 and GraphicsEnabler=y - This Extensions.mkext AirPortBrcm43xxEnabler from S10Enabler and fix in /S/L/E/IO80211Family.kext (for WiFi working w/o taping pin 20!) - maybe this is fixable with a DSDT hack, trying this out right now! AnyCardReader for original Apple Cardreader style ApplePS2Controller with some patches EvOreboot (Chameleon internal restart fix does not work with rev700) FakeSMC IOAudioFamily (for vanilla sound) OSvKernDSPLib from S/L/E (for vanilla sound - don't know if necessary) VoodooBattery (for Battery Icon) VoodooHDA (with fix for Larsen effect, crackie Sound, NO HDMI) VoodooPowerAcpi (for Speedstep) Now, to get the Battery Meter working you still need to install the AppleACPIPlatform.1340.v1.4.pkg.zip from step 5. The next days I will definitely upload my Extra folder if needed by anybody, but I am in development right now. So maybe I'll up it tomorrow. Just have to do a lot of other things for school :/ What does NOT work: - Sleep and maybe sound after Sleep or USB ports etc. - HDMI sound - Lidclose (unimportant for me) - LAN (of course) - camera only with iChat, not in PhotoBooth (or only if you open iChat too) What is NOT vanilla and used for /S/L/E: Battery - AppleACPIPlatform.1340.v1.4.pkg, no other solution found yet, maybe it works if I put the patched one to /E/E and use an originally again in S/L/E WiFi - need to patch IO80211Family - maybe solved with DSDT hack - I'll report later So, hope you can need that. A really nice result I think if sleep would work finally =) Greets Keyno EDIT: Found a fix for the crackie VoodooHDA: Go to MIDI setup and change your speaker to 44kHz and 16 Bit. That did it for me. Hopefully it will stay after sleep. But sleep still doesn't work here, so waiting for a DSDT
  11. Keyno

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Bluetooth? That worked for me without anything. Don't need kext or DSDT hack. Very good news on my side. I finally got the Battery Meter thing I should read a bit more. With the fix from bcc9 AND VoodooBattery it finally works =) ALSO: WiFi works without Taping Pin 20!! I just used AirPortBrcm43xxEnabler.kext from the S10Enabler and that worked perfectly! Speedstep just works with the normal injector (VoodooPowerAcpi.kext). But: Sleep... no idea why it doesn't work for me. I tried humph's DSDT. There Sleep works, but with my fixed DSDT it doesn't work. Any idea what I have to change in the DSDT to get it working? If i active sleep, I stay about 1 minute with a black screen and then I can see the Desktop again. Also I have the problem with the VoodooHDA crackle sound, but I didn't find a better version yet... AppleHDA + IOAudiofamily doesn't work for me after all.. Camera and LAN still doesn't work the way they should
  12. Keyno

    BRCM 4311 ISSUES!

    Try to wait about half an hour, that did it for me, I don't know why
  13. Keyno

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Yea, you need VoodooHDA.kext in S/L/E. No other possibilty for this netbook (I believe, tried several AppleHDA's too, none worked). A working link is some posts above on page 4. Well, I tried to combine the S12 DSDT from the GMA950 version and the HP311 Mini with our S12 Ion, but I just do not get a working Battery Meter. It's amazing! Also tried different AppleACPIBatteryManager and VoodooBattery. No success here...
  14. Keyno

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    There are enough tutorials for that, just google or look in the first post!
  15. Keyno

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Yea, QE/CI works for me. For PciRoot = 1 you have to add in your boot.plist: <string>PciRoot</string <key>1</key> So it will always load without typing it everytime =) Well, the thing with the battery is amazing... I still do not get the battery meter to work... so I can't tell sth about the battery life, but I will try S10Enabler I think. With that I got Sound last time I believe... But humph meant that the lifetime is about 5 hrs on s10lenovo.com Yeah, I have iStat Pro, with that I can see some more things as the nano version. For me, the CPU seems to get rly hot, so I think Speedstop isn't working... fan is also running nearly all the time :/ So, I'll try s10enabler now greets Keyno