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  1. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard on Asus G51J/Jx

    Anyone got the G51Jx booting Snow Leopard? It's got the 360M. I get panic booting the retail disc right away. Looks related to graphics.
  2. ATI Radeon Installers

    Say iHugoF! Ever figure out your Radeon? I've got an old 2005 HP NC6000 with ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 and ID is also 4e50. Software CI, no QE as you said. Looking for any way to get it to support both. I've got the 'tearing' problem where as windows come up mouse cuts out a block. cheers!
  3. Seems the drivers may be quite different from FreeBSD to OSX. Did find a software RAID driver in FreeBSD @ http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=a...BSD+6.1-RELEASE Wondering if there's some driver stud that could figure out how to port it over. I use the Intel RAID0 in ICH7 and it's real fast on my Sony laptop. Wouldn't want to go back to slow single drives.
  4. How about RAID0 config? I have Kalyway 10.5.2 and it does see two drives in disk utility on install, but not 1 single drive as array. Seems intel uses fake raid (software raid), a file that defines the array and must be read. On a Dony AR290G with 2 100GB drives.
  5. Leo4Allv3

    Is Intel ICH7 RAID supported in this release? Did get kalyway to see 2 separate drives, but it doesn't see 1 array.
  6. I downloaded it as soon as posted at the bay. (Lots of leeches downloaded then bailed at 100%, WOW!) Boots fine, vebose give no serious errors, but graphics mode is a black screen. Pressing enter seems to had disc activity, which suggests it's running. Both Kalyway & Leo4all boot fine and show the GUI, but no driver that supports Intel ICH7 RAID setup correctly. so, anyone go this running? Ideas for the GUI being a black screen?
  7. JaS 10.5.2

    downloaded at booted iso. No errors in verbose but there is no graphics, though both halyway & leo4all show the graphics install screen just fine. Was hoping JaS had the new Intel ICH7 RAID driver to actually show this fake-RAID setup. But with no graphics, can't interact to continue install. any idead?
  8. Have a Sony AR-290G with Intel ICH7 controller, 2 100GB drive in a RAID0 array (shows as 1 200GB volume in Vista). Kalyway OCX does boot and see the drives, but it shows two separate drives, not the logical volume. Obviously, installing to one drive would destroy my Vista install. Can OSX see the array so we can use RAID on ICH? If so, how? I want to run Vista then OSX on a partition to explore. cheers!
  9. I've got a Sony AR290G with RAID. Can't see my drive array. Did you get your Sony to work?