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  1. NVinstaller geforce8600

    Hi Webster, I have just posted about the 'black screen' on a 7300LE and 8600 has any anyone reported that it is fixed? if so how? thanks
  2. Why isn't my nVidia GeForce 7300 LE working?

    hey there guys, let me say the first thing to try if after you have the misfortune of installing the wrong drivers for this card (since i Have one also) is wait for 3 minutes (maybe one minute but it seems like two or three) and ur screen will come on........ My card was fully working under 10.5.1 with the Kalyway from the bays where pirates are known to frequent (ya never know who's listening, but one good thing is that you know know that not too many people are listening around here when it comes to helping on the boards - maybe it's more of a PM thing around here) So once the update is installed from .1 to .2 the one from that bay - I also get the black screen but my VGA monitor comes on after some time.... so please keep this thread alive and post all of ur valued information once you have ur thang working....(and the working files) My logs tell (check urs) me that the profile (I don't have it here so it's from memory) was found twice so it eventually reverts back to the default one and WHAMO it's on I also get the exact same effects when I do this with my 8600GT but so far when i have posted I have received few replies........ Hope this helps -
  3. Hi all, I have a close enough to making me happy install of the big Kal DVD --- but when I install the 10.5.2 update When it restarts with the update installed I get a black screen for about 2 minutes or maybe less but...... It's drives me crazy......... I assume I couldn't be the only person having this problem and I'd really love to know how to fix this...... please can someone help Nvidia 7300 - works fully suported on the ISO stock install - even supported after update but the black screen problem.... cheeeeeeeers allll
  4. Hi there, I know that hardware isn't specific to one manufacturer in most cases, so here I am stuck with a small issue and i've been trying for ages to get my video up and running. As the title mentions I'm using a Toshiba Tecra M5 Kali 10.5.1 -the default install really doesn't do much for the hardware acceleration so i've tried the new NVInstall .41 (not sure how new it is ) but anyways -If I install the 10.5.2 update - then the video update I still get nothing, and If I install the 8600 kexts then I get a black screen the question is 1)How do I get this working - or 2)How do I do a very quick uninstall of the package that I just installed to at revert without having to re install!!!!!!! I really need help with this as I've come to my end (I mean I'm really trying here but it ain't working to well).... cheers