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    Mac OS 8.0

    Hi ! Depending on the model it should not be too hard to either get an Apple Monitor or an adapter for PC. So which members of the two worlds are to be connected - if I got you right, they are already there ? On the Mac-side most of the OS 8 machines (except the 6100 and maybe a few others) will have a 15 pin in two rows monitor conn., whereas PCs use 15pin in three rows. These adapters aren't hard to find. If you use a PC cable with this, be sure it has at least 10 pins, better are those with up to 14 (one isn't used). The monitor should display 640x480 pixels and thousands of colors, which 13" monitors usually do.
  2. Hi ! Have you started the computer with the CD as startup drive (by holding down the button "C" on the keyboard)? Then a window will appear that shows the installer. Double-click on it and it should run. Try this at first.
  3. Seems like being satisfied - the old machines have an attitude you have to live with. System 8.6 should work, no enablers there. A 1400cs does start from an iMacs 8.6-Installer-CD (using 13.9 megs of RAM). Enjoy !
  4. I got an iMac 266 for 3.83 Euros (approx. 5 Dollars, I guess) among these: This is what is lying around (and sometimes working): My first Mac was an LC 10/120 33MHz, a fast one in 1994, built in early 1992. It has an external Apple CD 150, single-speed with legendary "caddies", hardly cola-resistant. These and the fantastic brillant 12"-Apple RGB-Monitor are waiting for a 475 or motherboard. It is bright green with orange, no boring gray except for small keyboard and ADB-Mouse (I). Secondly there is a 3-button Logitech MouseMan, not working with Systems newer than 7.5.5. (never tried 7.6 although I have the CD) [475 arrived, running nice and slow with 8.1, no MouseMan either]. Second one to come along was a 5300, killed in an SCSI-crash but soon replaced by a 5400/180, still working pretty fine with 8.6. It has a 13.0GB-HD (=12.1GB), internal zip 100, external Teac-CD-Burner (CD-R56S4), external Apple CD (Mat{censored}a CR-8008)) and an EON-44-MB-Syquest-Drive; an extended keyboard and a small one, wacom Art-Pad II and ADB Mouse II. Built up to 136 MB RAM, has a 2-slot USB-Card (Genesys Logic 1.4.1) at the PCI-Port and external Monitor-Capability (Apple Ext. Video-Connector), and the original Performa TV-Card. There is a Geoport, of course (I may use it as a telephone...), and yet another MoDem. Printing is done by StyleWriter II, you may have guessed. Reading pictures via Microtek ScanMaker II or a hand-held Logitech ScanMan black&white/256 grays. 14"-built-in-Monitor-Solution (Apple Multiple-Scan) is limited to 832x624 for 256 colours only or 640x480 with up to 32768. It worked with 7.5.5, 8.0; 8.1; 8.5.1 and a very stable 8.6 with 147 extensions (no foolin’) over the past eleven years for about 32,700 hours of use (information obtained by free utility TechTool 1.2.1 by MicroMat) There is another 5400/180 with poor 56MB RAM running a "stripped" then fast 9.1 (nothing not necessary for iTunes) prepaired for being upgraded to 250 MHz (metabox) with two internal HDs (2 & 10 GBs), an external Syquest 200MB/CD-ROM(8x)-combined-Drive, 4-slot USB-Card, built-in-Monitor for up to 1024x768 pixels. No TV-Card here, but there’s one in my black Performa 5200/75, one of the early ones with NuBus-technology and close to "brand new & original", built in 1995, I guess. Really slow but reliable with 8.5.1. I can change the motherboard to one from a 6500, easily identified as one for 5500, presenting millions of colours then but without support for the TV-card. Monitor solutions of up to 1024x768 pixels with ridiculously tiny symbols then are possible. There is a number of HDs I use, I have had bad results with WesternDigital 40 (32 ! installed!) and a 20.4 (19.1)GB –Seagate-discs. Best ones to use on older Mac-systems are Quantum and Maxtor discs, a 2GB by NEC (50 pins) is working fine as well on the 5xxx-computers. Next thing to try is a jaz-drive. They accompany my G4/733MHz – 512MB, Tiger 10.4.11 controls three HDs 40 & 4 GB, smaller one containing "Classic”, and two DVD-Writers, one of them on the USB-ports, a DVD-player on USB). A Maxtor 80GB came in reserved for documents only (as my music library). There are external zip (USB) and 3,25”-floppy (USB as well, kind of "post-modern”-nostagia) to be used where they are needed or I wish to use them. Changing a zip-disk may be done faster than changing a USB-stick ! Actions of any kind are shown on a HannsG-TFT (17”)-monitor. Now tere are two PowerBooks of the 1400 family, a "c” (System 8.1) and a "/166” (System 8.6), a G3 blue and white tower that annoys me to pieces trying to run 9.2 from any of my two iMacs G3 (266 & 350 MHz), I’m working on these problems.