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  1. Hey everyone, You guys have been awesome in the past, thanks for your help up to today. Grub 2 wasn't detecting Windows 7...spent days troubleshooting but no dice. So I switched to Chameleon 2 RC3...this would absolutely refuse to boot my Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic 64-bit, so I switched to Easy BCD 2 beta. This could boot Ubuntu and Windows 7...but I have been Leopard-less for a week now and need it back for iMovie editing for school this weekend. I added OS X to my EasyBCD system list. Tried both stock settings and with the boot drive set to #1 (which is what EasyBCD calls my second HD). Each time it would throw me into a grub prompt when I booted OS X. I don't get that? I am not using grub...it isn't on any drives whatsoever...does Neosmart use it in their EasyBCD software somehow? My setup: 750 GiB Western Digital SATA - (Windows 7/EasyBCD bootloader) Partition 1: Windows 7 x64 - 500GB Partition 2: Ubuntu 9.10 x64 - 198GB 40GiB Western Digital SATA Single Partition: OS X 10.5.7 (iAtkos v7) with Chameleon 2 RC3 Am I dealing with remnants of my past grub install that Windows 7 bootloader didn't overwrite? Why would EasyBCD try to chainload to MacOS X, fail, then throw me to a grub prompt? Thanks for any suggestions!! Dylan ----------------------------edit----------------------------- So I feel stupid... I went back through EasyBCD and I was adding OS X as EFI not MBR. Switched it and it worked perfect. Also I see that the bootloader path for OS X is something like /NST/.../something_with_grub1. So I think that answers my question about Neosmart using grub. Sorry for cluttering up the forums with my n00bness. Dylan
  2. Hi All, Thanks to you guys, I have my system working perfectly! (except DVI) My only complaint is with Chameleon 2rc. Once I get to the Chameleon screen and chose OS X, the system boots very fast (maybe 20 sec). But, there is about 1 full minute between POST and the boot screen. During that time, I have a white flashing cursor. Why so long? On my previous installation attempt, this time was maybe 20 seconds, which I just dealt with. System: OS X 10.5.7 and Vista SP1 Intel DP45SG motherboard (OCed to 1333mhz FSB) 4GB G.Skill DDR3-1333 Core 2 Quad Q6600 WD Caviar Black 750gb SATA (32mb Cache) LG CD/DVD-RW I am using the factory bios (0083) and they are up to 0117 at this point, could that be the problem? Every time I upgrade my bios, my Vista won't boot anymore and I have to go back to 0083, so I hope that's not it. Thanks for any advice! Dylan **edit** I tried flashing the bios to 0118 and it makes Vista stop booting. Flashing white cursor...forever. Tried 5 different bios updates... 92, 102, 116, 117, 118. I flashed back to 0083 and now the delay is gone? I changed my overclock settings, maybe that did it?
  3. Status and/or Help with Radeon HD 4350

    Any word now that 10.5.7 is out? I updated, still no 4350 support, but maybe the 10.5.7 support for the 48xx cards can be edited or patched for 4350? Just curious if anyone has news. Dylan
  4. ATI Radeon HD4350 PCIe

    Hey, I just ran software update to find OS X 10.5.7 is out...I am installing it now, maybe it will have the Radeon HD 4xxx kexts everyone is hoping for included? I will report back when it is done. Hopefully it works, I have never done a system update on my hackintosh. I am running vanilla kernel, but I used OSX86 tools to backup my kexts, and will restore them when the update finishes, BEFORE I restart. That should do it right? Wish me luck, Dylan -----------------------------------------------------[edit]------------------------------------------------------------------- I can confirm that updating to 10.5.7 has not benefitted my video. Still stuck at 1024x768, Millions of colors, and no Quartz Extreme. Profiler says "no kext loaded". Sorry if I got anyones hopes up, maybe those with 4870's that were rumored to be supported with this release will be able to lightly patch them for the 43xx?
  5. [solved] IDT 92HD73E (DP45SG audio)

    Make sure you also removed HDAenabler.kext. Also, try several different ports. I have 4.1 surround sound and I use the black and green ports. I don't think I have true surround, just two channels of stereo, but thats good for me. Also, enable the front panel high-definition audio if you haven't already, and try those ports. I would also try using the VoodooHDA prefpane to make sure the output is correctly listed on the left drop-down menu. 1. Google "OSX86Tools" and download it. 2. Google "VoodooHDA" and download it. 3. Run OSX86Tools and choose "Install kexts" in the middle-right of the window. 4. Follow the instructions, locating the correct .kext and destination hard disk 5. If your download included the .prefPane file also, just double-click that to install the VoodooHDA 'control panel' 6. Restart 7. Test sound. If you don't have any, try some other ports. Good luck, Dylan
  6. ATI Radeon HD4350 PCIe

    None here. Also have Radeon HD 4350, MSI. Tried a little tutorial involving editing the device ID in the ATIRadeonX2000.kext from the "Snow Leopard" driver release. No luck. I have googled my fingers numb...no answers yet. Profiler sees the card,but only 256mb of video memory instead of 512mb OSX86Tools lets me enable QuartzGL, but not Quartz Extreme Resolution can only be set to 1024 x 768 Nice to know there is a group of us stuck with 4350's...we will have to keep each other updated! Dylan
  7. [solved] IDT 92HD73E (DP45SG audio)

    YES!!! VoodooHDA is a success, with the exception of SPDIF, which I have not and will never use. Have not tried Mic, but I can confirm that I have nice quality sound stereo sound on: DP45SG (still 0083 bios) -IDT 92HD73E Core 2 Quad Q6600 G.Skill DDR3-1333 system sounds, iTunes, Garageband, and Youtube all work flawless. I have noticed that the iTunes visualizer will not launch, surely because of my unsupported ATI HD 4350...man does it seem like I have all the wrong hardware! That is my next project. If I can resolve that, this will be one, complete hackintosh, everything will work! I'm rockin' to NIN right now, thanks so much to the Voodoo folks, you rock! no pun intended. Dylan M
  8. [HOW TO] Getting IDT Audio Working

    Yep. DP45SG with IDT 92HD73E audio, still no sound. Followed this guide, pin config guide, and tried azalia audio also. I am thinking we need to pay attention to the NODEID in the controller plist...not sure though. It seems that after editing the kexts the ports are not correctly configured as well some other issues involving the InputAmp and other internal devices. I don't really understand any of it, but I am trying to learn...several posts back someone brings it up, but I haven't been able to understand/apply this to my board. I will surely post my kext if I can figure it out, but I am sure someone smarter will beat me to it. Keep up the hard work everyone, we will get it eventually! Dylan Manthei
  9. [solved] IDT 92HD73E (DP45SG audio)

    I have only found one other user with this exact codec, and they have no solution either. I downloaded and installed iDeneb 1.4 to try the IDT audio driver included in the distro. This version seems much poorer than 1.3, which installed for me on the 2nd try perfectly. 1.4 yields no working USB ports, still waiting for root device error, or else a kernel panic. Forget that, I have a great iDeneb 1.3 install that runs fine -audio and -correct video, I will just keep working the the kexts, plists, and hexeditor and see if I can do some good. Thanks for your time folks, Dylan
  10. Hi all, Long time lurker on the boards, you guys rock. I, like many others, am pursuing the perfect hackintosh. My system is listed below. I am stuck on audio right now, but everything else works fantastic. System monitor sees 4 seperate cores, DDR3 1333 seems good, I am posting this via my network right now, decent video, Time Machine backs up to my Maxtor OneTouch perfectly, and I can even startup/shutdown properly without any flags. I am very happy with this setup. However, my video needs some work (only 1024x768) and audio is not working. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Intel DP45SG Motherboard (0083 bios. can't update from this, tried dozens of times+various methods) G.Skill DDR3 1333 memory (2x2gb) ATI Radeon HD 4350 LG CD/DVD-RW (HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GH22NS30 according to Profiler) IDT Audio 92HD73E iDeneb 1.3 XNU kernel The Problem IDT Audio does not work. I have a Linux codec dump and followed the "How to get IDT audio working" guide to the word. I think I did everything correctly, including the pinconfig data, and I did see some promising results, Profiler now sees 2 devices in the audio section, whereas before I had nothing, my details are below. IDT Audio 92HD73E Device ID: 0x111d7676 Device ID Byte Flipped: 0x76761D11 Dev. ID in decimal: 287143542 From Linux Codec Dump Codec: IDT 92HD73E1X5 Address: 2 Vendor Id: 0x111d7676 Subsystem Id: 0x80865001 Revision Id: 0x100202 Profiler says... Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x1462AA38 Audio ID: 12 Available Devices: Microphone: Connection: Internal Speaker: Connection: Internal Microphone: Connection: 1/8 inch Jack My pinconfig data from vista64 (byte flipped) 00a71c1f00a71d4000a71e2100a71f0200b71c2000b71d9000b71ea100b71f0200c71c1400c71d30 0c71e1100c71f0100c71c1000d71d4000d71e1100d71f0100e71c3000e71d9000e71ea100e71f010 f71c1200f71d1000f71e1101071c1101071d6001071e1101071f0101177cf001171d0001171ef001 71f4001271cf001271d0001271ef001271f4001371cf001371d0001371ef001371f4001471cf0014 1cf001471ef001471f4002271cf002271d0002277ef002271f4002371c4002371d1102371e450237 f0102471cf002471d0002471ef002471f4000000038 I think I am close...does this seem correct so far? O, and like I said, my ATI HD4350 doesn't fully work either, but I can handle that! I just want sound for garageband! Thanks a bunch everyone, you guys are the tip of the sword when it comes to tech talk, IMO. Let me know if you need more info. Dylan M
  11. Hi everyone, First of all, thanks for all your help. I was able to succesfully install Leopard on my X2 4600+ by researching with this site, thanks alot! If it helps any of you, I used the Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD. I used only the AMD Test 1, and the cpu=1 flag patches. I used darwin EFI v8 and did not install any other drivers or software to keep the install as simple as possible to limit variables...since it did take 21 different attempts. No sound (ALC883), but R1000 is working as well as ati 1250 built in video. Now the problem......... Now that I have tasted leopard (o so sweet), I want it on my laptop for school. Model: AOpen 1849G MB: unknown to PCWizard, but it shows Intel i865 and ICH5/ICH5R chipsets CPU: P4 Northwood, 2.0ghz SSE2 RAM: 768mb DDR OS: XP, Linux Mint 4.0 Bootloader: Grub 1.5 After "Successful" install, Darwin loads. I type -x -v -f flags. displays a lot of command lines, and then the machine reboots after about 15 seconds. The command lines are moving so fast I cannot read them. Install seems to run successfully, but I cannot get the system to start fully!!! I have been stuck for 3 weeks, tried 7 different DVD's, and this is the farthest I have gotten. DVD's I tried: Leo4all - DVD won't boot Zephyroth rev1 - Also won't boot JaS 10.5.2 - boots, installs iATKOS v1.0i, r2, and r3 - boots installs, I try this the most, seems to best fit my needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Dylan ---[edit]--- CPUPowermanagement kernel panic. used appropriate patch on iAtkos V5i, install succeeded. Was very excited, but this laptop is too old and slow, removed and went back to ubuntu 9.04
  12. Kalyways 10.5.1 in reboot loop

    Hey, I may not have an answer for you, but I just wanted to warn you not to give up. It took me over 20 installs to get Leopard on an AMD X2 machine. It was well worth it, very cool. Now I am struggling to get it on my laptop, which an older Pentium 4 that is just SSE2. I guess I just dont get a break, all my computers are weird and require "special" installations! Anyways, keep searching, keep trying, keep downloading new DVD's...you will get it someday. Took me 3 weeks of messing around about an hour a day or so. I also downloaded 4 different DVD's before I landed on a winner, Kalyway 10.5.2. Think of it this way, if you can ever get the installer to load, it has to work...if your processor can understand the code on the DVD and load the system from it, it should be able to do the same from an installation on a Hard Drive. It's just all a matter of what drivers to delete or add. Every system is different, so it is very hard for some of us to help others! Just like my laptop, it is a no-name machine that nobody has ever heard of....Aopen 1849G..... good luck, keep trying! d
  13. OSx86 Installation Issue (AMD Athlon 64 bit)

    Hi there, I'm afraid you posted this a long time ago and the question may be answered already, or else you gave up... The answer to your problem is that you have a SATA drive. This is a known issue with 0Sx86 "distros" and can be fixed rather easily. Leopard really does not like an all-SATA system. It will not let the installer proceed unless you have at least ONE IDE hard drive and ONE IDE CD/DVD drive. This is kind of a silly glitch, but if you add these two devices, the installation should proceed....leading you to your next problem....which will only be followed by another and another. This is not a bullet-proof procedure yet, at least for the AMD users. So, add these two devices, and you should be good to go! O yeah, and buy the way, "supposedly" even if you do not run the installation DVD off the IDE drive, it should work fine...same applies to the destination drive, you are supposed to be able to install to a SATA drive, you just need to have an IDE drive present on the system for the installer to continue. good luck d