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  1. I have been trying numerous drivers from 10.7.3 and others to try to get the right resolution and QE/CI for my Asus EAH4890 gpu and haven't had any success. Has anyone got theirs working or have a suggestion? Edit: Duffs from Netkas forum found a fix. Here is the thread http://forum.netkas.org/index.php/topic,1854.msg9824.html#msg9824
  2. Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    SPECIFICALLY, Ex. I have an asus which isn't a reference card. Others have XFX and Sapphire, It does make a difference.
  3. Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    Which card do you have?
  4. ATI 4890 Snow Leopard 10.6.1 10.6.2 Information Thread

    Are both of the screens using DVI? I have heard there are issues when you use one screen with dvi and the other with a dvi-vga adapter, (which is my setup).
  5. ATI 4890 Snow Leopard 10.6.1 10.6.2 Information Thread

    Sleep works, dual screens do not. I also have fakesmc.kext installed and my system is using a vanilla 10.6.2 kernel. My full setup Intel Core I5-750 @ 3.60 ghz 1.3125 vCore (I installed SL at stock clocks) Gigabyte P55-UD3R with working HD audio G.Skill Trident DDR3 2000mhz Asus Radeon HD 4890 (QE/CI but no dual screens) IDE DVD Drive, (I borrowed a SATA drive for SL install) I installed it all using tonymac's p55 install disc, a snow leopard retail disc and a DSDT.aml made for my mobo.
  6. ATI 4890 Snow Leopard 10.6.1 10.6.2 Information Thread

    I have an asus HD4890 working with 10.6.2 Newegg Link First I downloaded and installed the combo update online from apple's website to update from 10.6.0, then followed instructions from BarryBar's thread located here, finally I installed Netkas' QE/CI exotic patch.
  7. Corrupt politicians, businessmen and the media are truly the most evil villains of this world. They cause good people to terrible things to each other. They manipulate and enslave the entire population with which they live in the name of money. They are a huge heaping pile of sin which wreak of a stench worse than the burning carcasses of hell itself. Halliburton got rich with the deaths of our young men in the war on terror, and Goldman-Sachs got rich with the explosion of the housing bubble. They also received plenty of bailout money courtesy of their alumni present on all levels of our federal government. The recession is largely due to presidential campaigns and the media trashing the reputation of our economy sending consumer confidence straight to hell. The only purpose of the bailout was to repay campaign contributors, chiefly union workers, and to keep corrupt businessmen afloat. Most of our products are outsourced to sweatshops where labor is cheaper because of union laborers who make businesses unprofitable. At the same time that our government gives the nod of approval on outsourcing, they raise the bar on hypocrisy by increasing the minimum wage. This topic is one of many examples of corrupt politics. Whether climate change is real or not is irrelevant. Somewhere along the line someone is getting rich. /rant
  8. Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    My card may also be doing this weird fan thing but it doesn't really bother me. I think that the card specific ati.rom may fix it. I don't know much about the geek bench score other than that lynnfield users don't have the best kernel yet with 10.6.2 like the new imacs (they have a custom build not available through apple yet). I'm waiting to see what kind of performance gains I get with 10.6.3.
  9. Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    The one on the spanish site.
  10. Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    Thank you! After using the Qe/ci exotic and following BarryBars instructions my graphics work perfectly except for dual screen. System Profiler even recognizes my card as Radeon HD 4890!
  11. ati hdtv wonder and leopard

    Your card appears to be based on a radeon hd 3650 card. I would look for those drivers but chances are you probably won't be able to get it to work, sorry. I suggest that you buy a nvidia 9400gt or 9500gt. They are really cheap and they can easily work with snow leopard.
  12. I tried to download the files from Netkas site but the links are all broken. Could someone please host them on mediafire. I have an ASUS HD 4890. Any specific advice for this device is appreciated also. Edit: QE/CI and everything else is working now with this http://webfile.ru/4148943 and following BarryBar's method here
  13. Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    Could you please host the QE_C_Exotic.pkg on mediafire. The links on netkas site are all broken.
  14. Success with 4890 solution in 10.6.2!

    Could you please host the QE_C_Exotic.pkg on mediafire. The links on netkas site are all broken.