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  1. Everything working flawless so far except you can't double tap to start selecting text (for copying and pasting something, for example).. you have to click then drag over text to select it. Any thoughts or fixes on this? Edit: Nevermind this needs to be enabled in Accessibility>Mouse and Keyboard>Trackpad options
  2. Hi all.. I have a successfull Sierra 10.12 install running.. I tried to update to High Sierra and after I run the installer, the computer restarts (as expected) but when I choose the install partition in Clover, it hangs at the Apple logo. If I boot in verbose, I get a kernel panic. Please see attached photos. Thank you for your help in advance.
  3. Is the slide change necessary if you have a 4K display or is that only relevant to the latest bios? (I'm still on older bios) What is the "old patch by hand" for making 10.12.5 work with the 4K screens? Thanks in advance. I want to be sure I have everything in order before I update to 10.12.5 on my 4K XPS.
  4. Made a quick video: Thank you for creating this guide. You've made my life incredibly easier with this project!
  5. Followed this guide and I was able to boot into Sierra 10.12.4 after installing clover and copying the git/clover folder over to EFI. However, after I used terminal to copy the kexts and ran the touch command, I am no longer able to get to the login screen. Stuck in verbose at "IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0" If I press the ESC key I hear the system error "bloop" so I believe MacOS is running but the screen is still stuck on the verbose text. Any help? Thanks! EDIT::: Nevermind, the terminal command for copying the UHD kexts to the 10.12 folder didn't work. Manually copied the files over in Finder and now it's all working 100%. Thank you for this guide! I was looking all over Tonymac for a good guide but it didn't exist. Glad I ended up here.