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  1. @MaLd0n, you have try install High Sierra success? Look like folks really like High Sierra very much.
  2. So excite to wait new OS update on KabyLake support for me as a newbie hackintosh build.
  3. Okay, if I really need hdmi audio, I will change to VoodooHda. Because AppleHDA sound better
  4. @Mald0n, I have tried DSDT file, sleep work as your mentioned, I need wake by Power button. Is there any further improvement to make it perfect? Wake by Power button also fine for me. As you mentioned on post #567 that pascal work in DP, I can't work fine with AppleHDA1220.kext. But if I use VoodooHDA.kext, audio HDMI can work. Should I change to VoodooHDA? Thanks a lot.
  5. Just tried, same as previous result. The screen turn off into black and fan stop for 1 second and start run again.
  6. Finally I got i219V & i211 work. Now I have problem on sleep issue; just like many people, immediately wake up after sleep. I have try all darkwake option but still not figure out, would please help me again...... hangyodon_CLOVER.zip Send me hangyodon.zip