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  1. ok, thanks for your time!
  2. Nope.. ....i tried more then once with no luck
  3. wow I followed the links, it seems that for some peoples it works! I'd like to do on myself, but It is not a simple kext installer.. But really I don't understand how to do it.
  4. No luck Unfortunately it does not work. I noticed that in the system / extension folder there is also a file called "IO80211FamilyV2.kext" . I don't know if it does matter.. Anyway thanks a lot for your help!!
  5. Ok I removed the kexts and I did again the screenshot!
  6. Ok I appreciate!! Here is the screenshot I made:
  7. wow! that's a really important info to learn for me! I'll change it! I am not so expert in the hackintosh world, sorry. Thanks a lot for your support.
  8. Ok thanks, where can I get the kexts you said? Only to understand, will the system runs better if I change to iMac17,1 ?
  9. hello, I am using MacPro 5,1 because I run a Gtx 1070 Pascal Video card and Nvidia driver says that the machine must be MacPro 5,1 or 6,1. If I change to iMac17,1 will wifi works? and will 1070 Gtx still works?
  10. Hello! many thanks for your help, I installed the kext in my system with Kext Utility but no wifi I save an IOReg file of my system (hope I did well) it is attached. Many thanks!! iMac di Gianluca.ioreg.zip
  11. ohh i see.. I don't know if I am practice with that...!! Do you know a guide / tutorial for this? Thanks
  12. thanks for the answer, I can't find the kext file on the link, can you help me?
  13. Hello, i am on mini itx hackintosh with Asus z170i Pro Gaming - 6700k - Gtx 1070. Everything works a part from integrated onboard wireless. I have the bluetooth that recognize devices like my mouse but it can't connect, so it seems to not works. There is a way, a kext to install or something to have at list the onboard wifi working on this board? Thanks
  14. Hello I am on a small hackintosh running 10.12.4 on z170i Pro gaming with Evga Gtx 1070. I installed the last Nvidia driver (Nvidia WebDriver-378.05.05.05f02), I modified the plist too as Nvidia says like this, but with no luck: <key>SystemParameters</key> <dict> <key>InjectKexts</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>InjectSystemID</key> <true/> <key>NvidiaWeb</key> <true/> </dict> The system start, I have the Nvidia driver manager panel, the driver doesn't work... It always hold on "OS X Default Graphics Driver" and if I switch to Nvidia web driver and restart, nothing happen and it start with the OS X default driver. Do you have any advise I can do to fix this problem? I also have the onboard Wifi and Bluethoot not working, but may be I have to open another topic for this.. P.s. I attached my .plist file config.plist.zip