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  1. ....any success with monitor calibration an Hackintosh?

    Hi. I have EVGA 8800 GTS 640 KO AC3 - calibrator assistant works in Leopard - but DOESN'T work in Snow Leopard... I think that there is many people with 8800 gts with the same problem but I don't have an idea how to fix it... Seems like I have to exchange my GFX to some 9xxx
  2. Display Color Calibration

    Hi. I have the same problem - not with the Leopard but with the Snow Leopard. I can't find any solution for that. I tried to change the DVI port but it doesn't work eater. I use custom EFI string for both L and SL. In Leopard - Calibrator Assistant works perfect but it doesn't work in Snow Leo. Is there anybody else with the same problem?
  3. Hi. I don't know if this is a problem or not but when I boot [-v mode] I see something like that: "Not loading kext com.apple.driver.AppleHDAcontroller - not found and kextd not available in early boot" Do you guys have an idea what to do with it? Is it normal? Or maybe it affects the whole System in some way?
  4. Hi@Ricola. Yes - I've tried aquamac method. and the Efi string works perfect - like the other one.... So - I don't think that the EFI string is the problem... hmm There is another thing I've found out. Maybe it will help us to find out the solution. - When I run "Display Calibrator Assistant" and use Expert Mode - when I try to move sliders to extreme edges - I can see that the color of the MOUSE CURSOR is changing a little bit!!!! So - now we have something!! - Seems like the Calibration process works, but not well. The only thing is changing is cursor - but the background and everything stay exactly the same... Si I believe that it must be something in the system which is locked or something... Please, try to do the same and use completely extreme color settings to check if it works.... This issue really makes me crazy..... PS. There is one more step I did - I've tried to use 3rd-party calibration software - like SuperCal_1.1.4 and what I found - the same issue - the only thing which reacts is a mouse cursor outline, nothing more... background and icons and dock - stays the same..... Do you really think that it might be related to GFX Efi string?
  5. No Ricola... I don't have any other LCD to test it... But it must be some explanation... must be.. I believe. So, let me ask you a question - Is there any .kext file in your guide which is related in some way with the GFX? If there is - maybe I should try to use different .kext files? I don't think so but... always better to ask. I know that Apple change the System gamma from 1.8 to 2.2 but it shouldn't be a reason. I thing that Color Calibration should work the same way. But if I can't see any difference moving gamma slider from left to right - something MUST be wrong... I'll keep reading about it. One more question about GFX Efi string. I've tried 3 of them - there are all different sizes... strange... Anytime I use typical or custom Efi string the only difference I can see is the GFX name in System Profiler. There are all works fine I suppose. I don't know how the EFI strong is really created - but what I think is that the only important thing making Custom EFI string is to set the proper memory size and the outputs [DVI/DVI for example]. So basically I can't change any other settings. which is probably ok because its stupid to mess with the other settings But my GFX [EVGA GeForce 8800GTS 640MB KO AC3] is a little bit different from the other nVidia cards. Its factory overclocked, but once again - I don't think that this is the problem, Am I right? So - why the different EFI strings for the same! GFX are so different from the other? Even the EFI string from EFI_Studio 1.0 and 1.1 are different for the same card... Anyway - they are all work fine... I don't want to try using some kind of a nVidia injector .kext because as far as I know - the EFI string is the best way. But if I'll find any other .kext for that - I'll try anyway. If you guys have ANY idea, whatever you have on your mind... please let me know. Thanks
  6. I made completely new and fresh install from Retail DVD on a separate drive - everything went perfect without any problems. Before that I made my own custom GFX string. I tried to calibrate my monitor again - and it DOESN'T work... But my video card works perfect, Expose and everything works fantastic and really fast... ? Is it because of monitor?? Everything was fine in Leopard... I'm stuck and I completely don't understand what is going on!? Can you believe that? Look at the screenshot for more details about my monitor and GFX. Thanks.....
  7. I've installed via OSInstall.mpkg of course with deselected printer drivers and languages. No errors at the end. BSD.pkg installed as well. You can't "Repair Permission" without it. I've no idea what to do next... Maybe I should try again and do completely new and clean installation...
  8. Something must be completely wrong with my system... Everything was perfect in Leopard... I don't know if OSX86Tools work properly in SL or not - but I have nothing more then errors... Maybe there was something wrong with the distro I used for installation? It was "MAC.OSX.SNOW.LEOPARD.V10.6-HOTiSO"
  9. Maybe the problem is related to some particular file.... hmm... no idea, but I'm still trying to find out.... I see that I have 2 copies of DSDT file - one inside Extra and one in root directory... I don't know why I did it but anyway - what is the proper location of this file? Is that any difference if the file is inside Extra or not? Or maybe it depends on Chameleon version? Main is RC1
  10. Hi. I got it working for now, testing it. Try this guide I did everything from there step by step - and it works for me. But did some changes - I used Chameleon RC1 instead of RC2 because RC2 didn't work. And instead of using CCC or SuperDuper I used Restore option from Disk Utility. When you'll finish - delete "Extra" folder and "boot" file from your RAID partition. Just leave it in 2 small partitions.
  11. Thanks again I'm testing this Kext now - and what I can say is that Monitor Calibration doesn' work... same story.... and there is one more problematic thing with this Kext - Expose works very very slow.... seems like there is some problem with acceleration or something like that... So, basically - this Kext is not a good sollution, EFI string works better - the only thing I have to make it work is Monitor Calibration - and this is really urgent for me because I'm a some kind of a graphic designer. Is there any other solution perhaps? Or maybe there is somebody with 8800GTS 640 with the same problem? Remember - everything was ok with Leopard - my configuration is exactly the same. One more thing - I tried to import my previous "calibrated" profile to SL but it doesn't work ether. Its changing something a little bit.. but - it doesn't work properly.... seems like SL will be very problematic for the next couple of months...
  12. Is there any particular reason for using EFI string instead of Kext file? I don't know if this is SL problem or EFI string problem, but there is more little "things" to be fixed in my configuration. When I go to Dashboard [F12] - sometimes I see some white boxes around, some glitches comes from graphic card. I didn't have that type of problems using Leopard. Is there any 64-bit kext for my GFX so I can test it instead of GFX string? My graphic card: EVGA 8800GTS 640Mb
  13. Hi. This time I have some post-installation problem. It might not be a proper topic for that - but I used this guide and I think that my problem might be related to a GFX string, or maybe not... we'll see. So, the problem is - after successful SL installation - I was trying to calibrate my monitor - So I go to System Preferences/Displays/Color > Calibrate... and after 2 steps, when you determine your native gamma - when I move the slider - nothing happening, nothing at all. So basically - it doesn't work. It works perfectly in the same hardware with Leopard - but there was a NVinject option for GFX instead of EFI string. So - please try to do the same and let me know - do you guys have the same problem? Thanks
  14. Another stupid question. Sometimes people use "sudo -s" command, sometimes "sudo su". What is the difference between them and when we should use? I mean - before installing boot0 and boot1h for example some people using "sudo -s", some people "sudo su"... Is there any list of rules how to use it?
  15. There is one more thing I'd like to know - what is actually PlatformUUID.kext? What does this kext do?? Is it related to Chameleon RC1? Do I need this in RC2 version? I'm trying to update my Chameleon RC1 version to RC2 - trying to figure out what is the difference between them and what I have to change in my configuration to make it work.