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  1. I was running on 10.5.2. I transferred my files to my iPhone, using a file app which uses the connect to server for transfers, before upgrading to 10.5.4. Now that I have 10.5.4 running I tired to transfer my files back, but i keep getting an 'Unexpected Error, error code -50' when trying to connect to the phone. I can however access the files by typing the address into the browser. (there are too many files to download one by one through the browser.) Also on a maybe related issue, I can log into my iDisk through mobile me, and see my disk usage in the system preferences, but cannot access the files through the finder. I get the follow error. Member name or password invalid. error code -50. Anyone else have these issues, suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Nvidia 7400 Go

    I have the same setup as you Adnan Khan, its an issue with vaio laptops. You have to use an external monitor. Although I havent done a thorough search on this for about a month, I believe that there is still no fix for this, although I would love to be proven wrong.
  3. How do I remove NVInject?

    Just delete the NVinject.kext from system/library/extensions ?? Not sure about that though? Might want to wait for confirmation.
  4. I have recently had to reinstall Leopard, its Kalway 10.5.2 with graphics update. I have to use an external monitor as my laptop internal screen doesn't work, but its no longer detecting the native resolutions of the monitor, it just displays a list of random resolutions, none of which look good with the monitor, (it should be 1440x900). Even after pressing "Detect Displays" in system prefs, the list of resolutions is unchanged. Has anyone came across this before, or have an idea of what may be going on? Thanks very much
  5. forcing resolution on boot

    Thanks for the tip, working now disaster Once I changed the resolution in safe mode I restarted to boot normally. But it still said out of range, now even when I boot with -X it says out of range.
  6. I accidently set the resolution out of range for the monitor. Now I can't change it back. I tried booting with "graphics mode"="1024x768x32" But this made no difference. (btw it's an external monitor I'm using, my laptops internal screen doesn't work) Anyone know how I can fix this? Good job I have my trusty iPhone to post this Thanks.
  7. Remap Backspace key

    Thanks very much for this Whalid, works great GemmaA
  8. Remap Backspace key

    Thanks for the suggestion, I tried this but this for shortcuts rather than remapping keys as far as I can see. Thanks Though. Thanks for the suggestion, I took alook at this, but its just a pre-set group of changes, non which would help me. I am still looking for a solution and I will of course post it here if I find anything In the mean time, if anyone else has anymore ideas I would be very grateful, thanks.
  9. Remap Backspace key

    My backspace button on my laptop keyboard is broken, in windows I used a key mapper software to change the home key to backspace. Does anyone know how I can do this is Leo? I have tried using Ukelele but it doesnt seem to work with these keys. Thanks for any help.
  10. NV 7400 GO lepord

    Notice Caboose has a HP dv6000t. t3hi3x - Im going to take a wild guess n say you have a vaio? I have a vaio FE, got it working perfect on external monitor, nothing on internal.
  11. Soryy, questo è tradotto con Google. Note: se avete problemi con il riavvio del sistema video gfx (blu o schermo nero) Tutto quello che dovete fare è premere F8 al prompt di Darwin e digitare-s (modalità utente singolo), quindi alla radice tipo mount-uw / e / movevideodrivers poi sarà chiesto di spostare i driver video di classe (NVIDIA; ati; o Intel GMA) voila! Tipo di sì a confermare o ad entrare a saltare!
  12. Dual Boot

    Thanks Ajal, I will give it ago. Sorry, didnt realise
  13. Dual Boot

    I used the guide in my sig to dual boot with vista/leopard. But now I want to format the vista partition and reinstall it. But im worried that doing this will make the leopard partition inaccessable and I will have to reinstall that too and loose everything on it. Anyone have any tips/advice? thanks.
  14. Not working in lcd notebook Vaio VGN 630E

    This is a problem with vaios. If you have external monitor connected during boot, it will switch to external and work fine at login, but the internal goes black/white. There where many posts about this on many different forums, but as far as I could see none of them have been activce for atleast a month. I dont no if this was because as solution has been found, (i havnt seen one mentioned anywhere) or its just a lost cause....i hope not.
  15. Same question as above. I have a Sony Vaio FE11H with 7400Go. How did you get your internal monitor working? Thanks