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  1. Great! Just great! Works like a CHARM! Thank you all! Never thought it would run this quick.... One more question though how do I type the "at" symbol? (as in "at"hotmail.com). Apparently Alt-gr doesn't work so I was wondering if there's another keybinding...
  2. Thanks halfudo, I was able to delete the BCM5751Ethernet.kext entry, and the system now "boots", but I'm afraid I ran into another problem I get passed the apple-bootscreen to the gray screen with the cursor, but not any further than that. Booted into verbose and -s mode and apparently it has something to do with mDNSresponder: localhost DNSresponder: couldn't read user-specified local hostname; using default bMacintosh 00904B79BC6 instead... (followed by a few lines of similar errors, says that it can't connect to network) and KEEPS trying! Always the same DNSresponder-error, over and over again... hope someone can help me trough this again, I have a feeling I'm getting REALLY close to a successful boot
  3. Ok I'll try this right away! hope it works...
  4. Can't say I had that problem, install itself always worked perfectly for me, possibly bad burn?
  5. Hi, I have a dell D600 too, install worked perfectly, and I finally got my partition to boot, now if I only could get rid of this kernel panic Tried to remove the BCM575x entry like stated above, don't know whether I was really able to do it but I didn't get any error using the rm -rf /system/..../AppleBCM575x.kext, so I'm assuming it worked... Anyway, I still get the same kernel panic so it didn't do the trick, in verbose mode it shows something like: mDNSresponder mDNSresponder -164 : starting panic errorcode 0x00000000 debugger called (panic) backtrace... (not going to quote the whole process) BSD processname corresponding to current thread: configd MAC OS version: 9B18 Kernel version: Darwin Kernel version 9.1.0: Sat Nov... /Release_I386 This is as close as I ever got installing osx on my laptop, so I hope someone can help me through...
  6. I have a dell D600 with SSE2 too, but I don't have this issue, install works flawlessly. (now if only I could get it to boot properly ) Possibly bad burn?