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  1. Find someone who owns AppleWorks 6 on Mac OS X and borrow it (or copy your files to his computer). You'll only need it to convert all the files. Use the AppleScript ScriptEditor and paste this script: property type_list : {"CWWP"} property extension_list : {".cwk"} on open these_items repeat with i from 1 to the count of these_items set this_item to item i of these_items set the item_info to info for this_item if (folder of the item_info is false) and ¬ (alias of the item_info is false) and ¬ ((the file type of the item_info is in the type_list) or ¬ the name extension of the item_info is in the extension_list) then process_item(this_item) end if end repeat end open on process_item(this_item) tell application "AppleWorks 6" open this_item save the front document in this_item close the front document end tell end process_item Save it as an Application Bundle on your desktop. Then drag and drop all your ClarisWorks files onto that new icon on the desktop. AppleWorks 6 will launch and convert them all. You will have to press "ok" for every file, but while clicking "ok" 550 times is not really great, it should be tolerable. Thereafter, all your files you files you dragged on the application will be converted to AppleWorks 6 files, which can be opened with iWork. Pages makes a nice word processor. You'll have to get used to it, it's really different from Word or ClarisWorks, but it's really great once you know how everything works. You're absolutely right. However, you should erase the USB stick before you use it (using the "Special" menu on your old iMac) and select "Mac OS Standard" or "Mac OS Extended" as the format. USB sticks usually use the DOS format and you lose data (resource forks) if you copy files from OS 9 to OS X using a DOS formatted disk. That will work. I've never tried that myself. OS X Mail does not import contacts, you would have to use "Address Book". I don't know if it will read the file from Outlook. This is difficult. Mac OS X Mail can import Outlook mailboxes, but only on PowerPC Macs. Copy the whole Outlook Express folder including Outlook Express itself and all your messages to the USB stick. Find someone with Mac OS X for PowerPC or upgrade your old iMac to OS X 10.1 or something (that would work even with 96MB of RAM, though extremely slowly). Run the Outlook Express from your USB stick using the Classic environment. Then open Mail and import the mailboxes. You will then find them in "Macintosh HD:Users:yourname:Library:Mail". Copy these imported mailboxes to the USB stick. Then use Mail on your new iMac to import them by saying you want to import from "Mail from Mac OS X". Another possibility would be to import the Outlook files directly from the USB stick to your trial of Entourage and then import them from Mail by using the "Entourage" import option. I have never tried that myself, but it should work. Pages will open Word files and Keynote will open PowerPoint files. You won't be able to use your Excel files with iWork, as iWork does not include a spreadsheet. If you need full compatibility, you should buy Excel 2004 for Mac OS X, otherwise you could also try Mariner Calc, which will import Excel files.