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  1. DiskWarrior 4 Patcher for Hackint0sh

    I solved it!!! only with this patch: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry890420 Now i have again Leopard!
  2. Sortadan YOU SAVE MY LIFE!!!!!!! 2 days ago i lost my Leopard partition, only blinking cursor, thanks to Disk Warrior program. I read that is impossible to repair, i tried with fdisk commands, install EFI again....no results. I see this post and want to try again. This patch repair the MBR perfectly, and now i have Leopard again!!!!!!! So easy!
  3. DiskWarrior 4 Patcher for Hackint0sh

    I tried and doesn't work, and i have now a blinking cursor, and i think it's imposble to repair it . I had tried fdisk to activate the partition and install again pc_efi with no results. I think i have to install all again.
  4. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    These are Blue Red Violet I hope you enjoy
  5. if you have wireless mouse, unplug amb plug. That's it.
  6. Hace mucho tiempo que estoy metido en todo esto, pero siempre me queda la duda de si las actualizaciones del Software Update de programas los podemos o no instalar tranquilamente. Sobretodo siempre tengo dudas con el Quicktime y el Itunes, ya que estan muy ligados al sistema operativo, y es por eso que no se si puede afectar y quedarse el sistema KO, como en las actualizaciones de version. Ahora mismo tengo la del Iphoto, Itunes, Quicktime, Soporte de Ilife y de Frontrow. Que creeis, le puedo dar sin problemas?

    Did you see my post?
  8. Wow!!! All fixed it!! I found in google that the magnificcation problem is a mac problem, not a hackintosh problem. Found here: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...ID=5612820& One guy discovered that the problem is wireless mouse, and yes, if i change my mouse or unplug and plug wireless mouse all problems fixed!! Now i can say, that i have perfect (well...perfect not, but without any problems) with intel 945GNT Mobo and 10.5.2 and 9.2.0 kernel. Thanks all, specially Marliwahoo.
  9. Finally, now i have also sound Sigmatel 9220 in 10.5.2. Great! Taruga patcher 1.20 + sigamtel 9221, restart (at this moment no sound) and then put my old applehda.kext (that works on 10.5.0) to replace in extensions, restart and voila!!
  10. This makes me smile.... Not only Dock have problems, for example in all menus, submenus doesn't appear automatic..and if i launch an application this window's applcation starts in back of the others applications, so i have to click again in application (on dock for example) to put window in front. Do you understand me? (bad english ) . So, there are different rpoblems that i don't understand...but i think that GMA950 is not the problem.

    So, i make my tets, and is great result, I made this: Intel 945 GNT with GMA950 integrated System : 10.5.2 EFI V8, mach_92 by Toh Previously, I have problems with display graphics, only 1024x768, and with Dock the icons no bigger effect, but no problems like mouse tearing. Ok so, i put Paulicat's Natit, natit.kext in Extensions Folder. Then i installed Graphics Update from apple update Reboot, and like say Marliwahoo nothing change...., but i tried one think Marliwahoo says in other post: install a Appleintegrattedfamebuffer.kext v. 1.4.20. Ok, so i putted and replaced bin Extensions Folder. I change permissions in this file anf forced to load: sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext sudo kextload -v /System/Library/Extensions/AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext Then reboot and.. Now i have all resolutions possible, great!! Still problems with Dock
  12. I find a IOnetworkingfamily.kext in other thread that runs perfectly. Thanks! Now , only problem is GMA950, for example my Dock don't maximize the icons....but really is not a problem
  13. Sorry, but do you have internet with 10.5.2?? Cause since i have updated with 10.5.2 and 9.2.0 toh kernel i don't have my Intel Pro/100 I have 945GNT too. Any ideas????
  14. Schweppes lo que no mencionas y creo que es asi, es que para instalar el nuevo kernel (el parcheado) hace falta usar EFI, es asi?? Pero GRUB o MBR?, es que llevo ya unos cuantos intentos y no hay manera de que coja bien el nuevo kernel parcheado para mi pentium D y sin EFI. Actualizado a 10.5.2 si que lo he conseguido. Estoy por instalar EFI, pero a ver si Schweppes o alguien puede echarme una mano: tengo dos discos duros. En uno de ellos tengo Tiger perfetamente. En el otro Leopard 10.5.2 pero sin el kernel parcheado. Cambio entre estos dos sistemas a traves de la bios y le digo que disco arrancar, ya que cuando arranco tiger no ve el otro disco con Leoprad y viceversa (supongo que esto debe ser normal, tampoco me preocupa). Ahi viene mi duda: estoy por instalar EFI en Leopard, pero no tengo ni idea de si esto afecta a TODO el ordenador...vamos que si quiero arrancar con el disco de Tiger será MBR o será EFI??? porque querria que el disco del Tiger no se viera afectado por mis "pruebas" con el del Leopard, ya que todo lo importante y "estable" lo tengo en el Tiger. ...en el caso que me dijerais que EFI solo será en el disco de Leopard, que version me recomendais para Pentium D (sin vanilla)...habia oido algo como que era mejor versiones antiguas tipo la v5...o instalo v8?? y que tengo que instalar, GRUB o MBR para poder actualizar el kernel modificado? Importante: perderé todo el sistema Leopard para poder instalar EFI?? o es solo en el caso de GRUB??...vaya lio llevo ya.