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  1. OpenCL available on nVidia gfx?

    The problem is that nV believes itself alone with the video games market, nV is alone without real concurrency and do not want to give anything (they are donkeys from my point of view) Video games, I do not care! They know how to make powerful, silent GPUs that do not heat much, what a mess, on the contrary, if AMD GPU comes back in the race, the tone may change, it's not for tomorrow as Vega will remain underneath. I will still keep my GTX 1050 a little while hoping that it goes off with macOS 10.14 !!
  2. OpenCL available on nVidia gfx?

    I'm not demanding, I just want my GTX 950/1050 to work as well as a HD 6670 LP, the HD 6670 fan makes noise !! When the HD 7950, it is noisy and heats up a lot
  3. OpenCL available on nVidia gfx?

    Is that we are all looking but I do not understand the drivers coded with the feet !! ?? I appreciate the performance, the silence and the freshness of the computer hardware but this black point is frustrating. My HD 7950 works really well on macOS but I do not need a second heating for home !!
  4. OpenCL available on nVidia gfx?

    Yes !! This does not prevent us from seeking or improving the various problems that many people seem to ignore or not see. The CPU may limit some performance but not at this point, especially since before my CPU Ryzen, I had the same problems with an i7 3930 o/c to 3.8 Ghz and a maxwell 950 GTX, as the author of the subject , I want to understand and improve if possible
  5. OpenCL available on nVidia gfx?

    ok, I will make it simple for nV maxwell/pascal: macOS : Opengl = bad Decoding x264 / 265 = bad Cuda = good Opencl = good Windows : OpenGL = good OpenCL = good decoding x264/265 = good cuda = good
  6. OpenCL available on nVidia gfx?

    You mix everything, it's not nV versus AMD, talk about you do not interfere with me and what do French girls do in the discussion? Please note that I have bought a GTX Pascal to understand the performance problems, it is a GPU that serves me nothing in normal time, it serves me just to test and understand the poor performance of these GPU macOS, I go back Just the problems encountered
  7. I bought GTX pascal to understand the problems on mac OS, the GPU does not accelerate in most applications, no x264 / x265 decoding, it was exactly the same with the GTX 950 / 3930k, I Edited AGPM.plist and nothing better, I'm still looking ...........
  8. The problem is that there is a general "omerta" of owners of GPU nV and do not want to see reality in front, it's painful in the end! If everyone talked about it, we would advance the development of these pitiful pilots but good, everyone but not me, a GPU that works well under Linux or Windows has no reason to malfunction on mac OS
  9. The big difference is that AMD GPU works well everywhere (Apple general soft;) It only remains cuda and Adobe mainly! NV has no interest in OS X and that's a shame.
  10. https://www.topachat.com/pages/produits_cat_est_micro_puis_rubrique_est_w_reliq_puis_f_est_245-8540.html
  11. Maxwell works much better with El Capitan, Sierra is a real catastrophe for nV GPUs in general and especially for Pascal, my old GTX 950 that I got rid of for these poor OS X performance in general, the GTX 1050, similar GPU also works Wrong, I keep it for to spend the summer because it heats very little, I'd get rid of this fall for real AMD GPUs that work much better.
  12. NV maxwell / pascal malfunctions on Intel CPU as well
  13. Ryzen !

    Your FX 8350 ?
  14. Ryzen !

    Yes, azote liquid
  15. Ryzen !

    small 7900x at 1000 $