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  1. Hello, Installed Sierra 10.12.6 on my E6410 with Nvidia 3100m and arrandale i5. Have been debugging DSDT lately. Under Windows 10 the machine sleeps with blinking light and wakes correctly. Problem is that under Sierra 10.12.6 it goes to sleep WITHOUT blinking light and can be only waked up by pressing the power button 10 seconds (power off) followed by cold start by power press. Did put debug statements in dsdt attached, but never see _PTS, it hangs beforehand? Is there any way to debug what's happening after choosing Sleep upto _PTS? Any hints are appreciated, regards, Itswworking2 (not really) DSDT-revHVO.aml.log.debug.txt dsdt.zip
  2. Sleep for Optiplex 760, core2duo and 5450, tested on 12.4, please test further So I looked for sleep, stumbled upon http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/292748-guide-mavericks-109x-dell-optiplex-780-760/?p=1967495, and merged it into DSDT.aml.zip of first post. Enclosed find the resulting DSDT, machine sleeps, power to usb keeps on, after key press or mouse press, system wakes, no loss of usb, have tested it for a day. Please test it further, and DO NOT USE in a production environment until further tested, you have been warned, enjoy, Regards, Itswworking2 DSDT-2core-5450-SLEEP.zip