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  1. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard on Asus G51J/Jx

    Sorry, my mistake: the ethernet is not working. The model is Atheros AR8131, and Wireless is AR9285. I have modified a kext for our wifi but only recognize Access Point, when you try to connect it get an error... What VoodooHDA have you used? I have tried with one VoodooHDA founded on the net, I get the Volume on the upper bar but I can't hear anything... Until now the errors are (on Asus G51Jx): 1) When I try to launch Snow Leopard normally I get the following error: The only way to get SL works is with -s at boot, and then "/sbin/mount -uw /" or with "maxmem=4096" It seems a problem with my Jmicron Controller...but I don't know how can I solve this... 2) With Netkas Injector I get Full Resolution only on Safe Mode...in normal mode I get Black Screen... EDIT: Solved with chameleon, adding <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> to com.apple.boot.plist Now I'm in 1920x1080 but still no QE/CI 3) Ethernet and Wifi doesn't works...But I'm using my iPhone like a modem and works well
  2. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard on Asus G51J/Jx

    The main problem of our system is that works only in Single-User mode, with "/sbin/mount -uw /", otherwise i get "Can't initialize Disk cache - Exited with status code 8" and stucks.. 360m GTS works OOTB but only at 1024x768 and without QE/CI. With the Netkas injector I got 1920x1080 but only in Safe Mode, and if I delete NVDAResman.kext it works in normal mode but in 1280x800... For now Not Works: Audio, Wifi.. Works: Bluetooth, Ethernet.. I'm working on it!
  3. SNOW LEOPARD on ASUS G51J/Jx Last Update --> 27/02/2010 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==- INTRODUCTION What we want to do is install Snow Leopard Retail on our beautiful Gaming Notebook Asus G51J/Jx. The differences between the two notebooks could lead to small variations on installing the kext, as I have in my possession only G51Jx, I will base my installation on that, and add gradually their steps to the old model with the suggestions of who is in possession of G51J. The main differences between the 2 models are: CHIPSET: G51J -) Intel PM55 G51Jx -) Intel HM55 Video Card: G51J -) 260m Nvidia GTX 1GB GDDR3 G51Jx -) Nvidia 360m GTS 1GB GDDR5 HDD: G51J -) 2 HDD slot G51Jx -) 1 slot HDD Other differences are irrelevant, given that the main problems during installation are due to factors mentioned above. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- WHAT YOU NEED 1) Snow Leopard Retail DVD The original Apple DVD costs only $ 29 and allows us to install Snow Leopard. 2) An empty partition on your HDD You need to create an empty partition to install Snow Leopard! 3) Empire EFI Boot Disk The DVD of Snow Leopard will not start without the help of this ever precious Empire EFI! This is the latest version for Core i7 Mobile, extract and burn it into a CD one of the 2 version contained into the rar. 4) 10.6.2 Combo Update Adds further stability to the system and update to the latest version of Snow Leopard 5) Netkas' Nvidia Injector Lets start the operating system in 1920x1080 resolution Note: Snow Leopard installation requires that the HDD is partitioning in GUID, but our Asus are MBR formatted. For those unwilling (like me) completely reformat the HDD goes below! ---- OPTIONAL ----- For those wishing to install using MBR partition must also have the following things: 1) A Mac or Hackintosh where is installed Leopard / Snow Leopard Is essential a OSX system, because we must use Disk Utility to Restore the DVD of Snow Leopard into a USB key and add the SnowLoader. 2) A USB key 8 or 16 GB We will fully charge the contents of the DVD-DL Snow Leopard on the USB Key, so we need a large USB Key! 3) Matsca09's SnowLoader It allows us to install the HDD with MBR partitioning =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- INSTALLATION 1) Insert the Empire EFI cd when the notebook boot.2) Wait for the Empire EFI screen, then eject the CD and insert Snow Leopard Retail DVD. Press F5 and select the Snow Leopard installation DVD. 3) Wait until the Snow Leopard installation boot up. Select your language. 4) Choose Utility-Disk Utility. Choose the empty partition on your HDD. *** WORK IN PROGRESS! ***
  4. Hi guys, I am trying to install a retail copy of Snow Leopard on my G51JX, the installation got fine with Empire Efi, but when I try to boot the SL partition it stucks at: SAM Multimedia: READ or WRITE error How can I solve this problem?? EDIT: I think that this problem is due to the DVD reader .. it is a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633C
  5. ASUS G50vt-x1

    If you have installed Leopard 10.5.7 you can try with iDeneb Delta KIT 10.5.8 (See HERE)! Let us know!
  6. ASUS G50vt-x1

    Use THIS Synaptics driver to get horizontal and vertical scrolling! Sounds problem are already solved with THIS driver! Webcam for me work in Gmail Video Chat, but with a "mirror" effect.... For wifi I use my iPhone with tethering, like a wifi router and works well
  7. ASUS G50vt-x1

    There is a more simple way to solve this problem! if it bails out saying 'unsupported system' (due to model identification string in system profiler reporting other than macpro), use these modified drivers with checks removed (or else use a /Extra/smbios.plist if using Chameleon2) ;-)
  8. ASUS G50vt-x1

    Ok guys! Tested and working! I get FULL support to QE/CI and full support to 1366x768! So we can have a real Mac! This is what I have done: 1) Modded my Bios as explained in first page of this thread 2) Installed iDeneb 10.5.6 with this options: - ICHx Fixed - Apple SMBIOS 800 - Realtek R1000 - Battery Manager 3) Installed iDeneb 10.5.7 Combo Update 4) Downloaded and Installed this Nvidia Driver 5) Install this Modded NVinject with KextHelper (thanks to hdas) 6) ENJOY YOUR MAC
  9. Enabling Quartz Extreme for 9800m GTS

    Wow! Thanks hdas! What a wonderful news!! I have a G50vt-x1, but I can't get it to work qe/ci! Please can you write a step by step tutorial for noob like me XD Thank you so much!
  10. ASUS G50vt-x1

    Hi guys! Finally QE/CI solution for ours G50VT-X1! See post from hdas here for more details: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversi...hp/t163249.html Let me know!
  11. ASUS G50vt-x1

    Hi Jason T! No luck with QE/CI, and I think is impossible to get QE/CI because Leopard doesn't support 1366x768... We have to hope for support on 10.5.7 or Snow Leopard! Or we can try with an app to get correct resolution....or with an external monitor! Thanks for the VoodooHDA! They works perfectly!!
  12. ASUS G50vt-x1

    Everyone are able to configure the display res to 1366x768 with SwitchResX or DisplayConfigX??
  13. ASUS G50vt-x1

    For Wifi use usb pen..is the only solution! For video card the problem of the Black Screen is the native resolution of the Display...1366x768 is NOT supported by Leopard...and we need to delete NVDAResman... but in this way we no have QE/CI...
  14. ASUS G50vt-x1

    Interesting project! Are you able to get video card working with full QE/CI?
  15. Aiuto Nvidia 9800m GS!

    Davvero nessuno ha avuto problemi con questa scheda video?? Nemmeno con una GTS?? Sono disperatoo!!!