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  1. Vanilla AppleHDA.kext + AppleALC.kext (EFI/kext/other) + CodecCommander.kext(System/Library/Extensions), after that Rebuild cache (with Kext Wizard). Config as attached photo. I tried Inject = 1 & 2. Not working still. Am I missing anything? I tried that patched AppleHDA method too. Not working. I don't wish to use VoodooHDA, because it couldn't control volume (even I edited the plist). Any idea? System: Alienware 15 R1 (Early 2015) + Clover r4061 CPU: i7-4710HQ / HM87 Graphics: GTX 970M (Optimus) / Intel HD 4600 applealc-config.tiff
  2. It works! After I use your CLOVER file + my own DSDT SSDT, it able to boot in (one-time success). After that, I change back to my own CLOVER file, and it able to boot in every time. Don't understand why, I wish I can have an answer/explanation to this. How come? Why? Side story: OS X mouse acceleration so annoying. I installed SmoothMouse to disable it. MUCH better.
  3. All DSDT/SSDT removed. Created new DSDT(removed error) and SSDT(ssdtPRGen). Still same problem as above. I managed to boot in a second time randomly, I use Kext Wizard to check loaded kext, and I saw VoodooTSCSync is running. If I boot in with CPUS=1, I see that VoodooTSCSync not loaded. Is that normal for CPUS=1? Or I'm having problem that VoodooTSCSync won't load during booting. As requested. CLOVER attached. CLOVER.zip
  4. Last night, I tested with VoodooTSCSync with IOCPUNumber=7, and it works perfectly! Four cores, 8 threads running up (confirmed with Activity Monitor). Today, I face booting problem, it shows a lot of "thread 1, thread 2, .... thread 21" then restart. So I keep trying, there is very rare chances able to boot into macOS, and all core running fluent. I tried remove and reinstall the VoodooTSCSync again (Kext Wizard), but it doesn't solve the issue. Any idea? Am I missing some steps for VoodooTSCSyncs?
  5. Thanks for your prompt reply. Attached is my CLOVER file without theme folder. CLOVER.zip
  6. System: Alienware 15 R1 (Early 2015) + Clover r4061 CPU: i7-4710HQ / HM87 Graphics: GTX 970M (Optimus) / Intel HD 4600 Without boot CPUS=1, I will stuck at login screen (after enter password). There is one time I successful booted in, however the GUI is buggy and animated laggy. What I've done: -Patching LAPTOP DSDT/SSDTs (aisle, MaciASL) -Native Power Management for Laptops ( ssdtPRGen.sh ) -Lapic Kernel Enabled The only thing I haven't try is VoodooTSCSync.kext, however from what I've studied from hackintosh forum, it is not suitable to install this for laptop. I've no idea where is the problem/mistake right now. Can somebody please enlighten me? Thanks. Note: I promise you, I never ever edit config.plist with textEditor, I only edit with PlistEdit Pro. Also, I will only edit DSDT/SSDTs in format .asl with MaciASL.