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  1. eradicator006

    End The Whine Day - May 20th

    Here's something weird....I get the CPU whine on my P4 2.8ghz running OS X. It makes a slight whining noise when I move a window around the screen. I don't get this in Win XP. I used a Macbook Pro and it had the same exact problem in OSX but not in XP. My guess is that it's something to do with the intel chips.
  2. eradicator006

    Intel D915GLVGL

    Ok I guess I will go with a 945 based mobo and a 2.8ghz dual core chip. For the time being I will use the integrated vid because that seems to be the only vid that works perfectly with OSX. Would the GMA950 be any good for some gaming? What I would love to do is have a PCIE card of some sort and use that for Windows XP gaming and have the GMA950 for OSX. I'm not sure if a set up like that is even possible, but it sure would be nice.
  3. eradicator006

    Intel D915GLVGL

    I'm considering building a cheap OSX86 box that is fully supported under 10.4.5. I can get a Intel D915GLVGL for cheap and plan on using a celeron D chip with it. I'm not finding anything in the HCL about this mobo. Does anybody know if it will work or not? There are so many variations of the intel 915 and they all sorta confuse me. Thanks
  4. eradicator006

    Garageband stop working audio device

    Well it seems garageband doesn't like our audio cards. Every time you launch garage band it will set your audio card to 6 channel 44.1khz. What you need to do is open up that "Audio MIDI...." app from applications/utilities, reset your card to 2 channel 48khz. This is also more than likely why we can't open the preferences in garageband....garageband is getting confused by our sound cards. If you open garageband prefernces on an apple computer you'll see most of the things you can set are related to your sound card and MIDI.
  5. eradicator006

    Garageband stop working audio device

    hmm ok nevermind, i fixed it myself.
  6. eradicator006

    Garageband stop working audio device

    has anybody found a solution to this? I'm experiencing loss of sound after installing iLife '06 on 10.4.5. My system: Asus p4c800-e deluxe p4 2.8ghz northwood 1GB DDR400 4x300GB sata 40GB PATA 120GB PATA Pioneer dvr-108
  7. Is there a way to turn off the auto-mounting of all volumes on a hard drive? I have OS X installed along side Win XP and I don't want my XP volumes being mounted in OSX. Thanks
  8. I just installed 10.4.4 as per Max's instructions and I can't get my sound working. I copied the AppleAC97Audio.kext from my 10.4.3 Jas install, fixed permissions and did the kextcache thing. The kext loads at start up and it stays loaded. I can change the volume with the taskbar icon. The thing is, I get no sound at all. I don't understand, it worked flawlessly in 10.4.3. If I turn up the volume all the way in OS X and turn up my speakers all the way, I can't hear anything. Oh yeah, when OS X is booting, you can hear a little pop when the AppleAC97Audio.kext loads (this is the same thing that happend with 10.4.3). Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. eradicator006

    SSH and Remote Access

    Radmin is my favourite: http://www.famatech.com/ It's super fast....not as fast as RDP but pretty close. Oh there's a torrent of this around too. I'm sure it's not that hard to find.
  10. eradicator006

    Can u reboot in x86 osx

    I can shut down and sometimes reboot....Most of the time when I reboot, my machine hangs at the POST screen. This only happens when I have been running OSX for a while.
  11. If you used the JaS 4.2b PPF patch do this: sudo mv /Pacthes/mach_kernel.original /mach_kernel Then repair disk permissions from the disk util. Yes, "Patches" is spelled wrong in the "sudo mv..." command. That's how it was on my system on a clean install with a JaS 4.2b patches dvd. As for the kernel panic...I got that too when I removed the CPUID patch. I just run the full patched kernel and don't bother messing with it anymore.
  12. I'm running OSX on a 875P chipset with a 2.8ghz p4 with no SSE3 and OSX runs faster than it does on a 1.5 G4. I just installed OSX 3 days ago and I haven't been in Windows since. My sound works perfectly and video is almost perfect. I have QE and CI supported on my 9800pro.....I just get some bad graphic tearing sometimes. I sort of fixed that problem using Mouse Pose. As for PPC apps; some work for me and some don't. When they do work, they can be quite slow. Having SSE3 would help a lot with this.
  13. You can get your ip from an email. If you want to "hide" your IP while you upload the image, see here http://tor.eff.org/ I do have a private server you could upload it to and I could then seed it out via torrent.
  14. I experience the exact same thing with my 9800pro. If you try to manually load the ATIRadeon9700.kext using kextload, it says the kext is already loaded even though it does not show up under extensions in the system profiler.
  15. eradicator006

    installed 8f1111

    I just did some experimenting. In system profiler it tells me that the ATI9700 kext fails to load but yet QE and CI are supported. Screensavers work blazing fast. Today I moved out all ATI*.kext's to a seperate dir and rebooted. Now screensavers are super slow...maybe like 1fps. I think I'll just reinstall OSX and wait for either a final version to be uploaded or until I get a intel iMac. I did try those ATI drivers posted by JaS and had little luck with those. I've never worked with OSX until I installed it on my PC. I normally use Linux for daily things and Win XP for gaming. Since I've had the chance to use OSX; I think my next system upgrade will be a Mac. It would be perfect if I could dual boot XP or even the final version of Vista on an iMac....Then i'd be set.