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  1. ^ Thank you, that link will come in handy for sure. Well, i finally got wireless to work on my T42 2373-L1U (intel 2200bg).. but it was slow and i'd lose connection randomly. the install method/steps i used was from the iwidarwin website.. I got a bit frustrated with not having a stable wifi connection and not being able to connect to encrypted networks i opt to swap my intel mini pci card for a BCM 4306 based chipset mini pci card. ebay broadband or i've also read atheros card will also work too if you do some searching for that thread. how i got wifi to work.. -open up t42 -take out intel 2200 mini pci -replace with broadband mini pci (BCM 4306) -close up/put back t42 -reinstalled kaylway 10.5.1 -wifi works out of the box now i need to get my video card to work, ati mobility radeon 7500 ical, vlc, chess, and other programs will crash/not start up. need to find the right ktext so can enable QE, CI, open GL?
  2. AR5BMB5.. I have a feeling this will not work on 10.5.1 and my notebook is ThinkPad T42.. I took out my intel 2200 wifi and swap it with the atheros card.. nothing seems to work out of the box(wifi) ebay listing said AR5000GS but I received an AR5BMB5.. @@wtf@@
  3. adamaves

    New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    --------- Graphics_Drivers Ati_Radeon X1000Series ATYinject for 19xx series NATIT_For_X1000_series ATIRadeonX1000SeriesGraphics 1950gt_pro X2000_HD_and_X3000_HD_Series NATIT_For_X2000_X3000_Series HD2900xt_pro white_menus_fixe_HD2600_pro white_menus_fixe_HD3850_3870x2 ATI_Radeon_HD_2600_Pro_AGP (this one no need for natit and white menufix) ATI_Radeon_HD_2600_XT_AGP (this one no need for natit and white menufix) --------- I guess radeon 7500 is not supported =( I'm on ThinkPad T42
  4. I'm a newbe.. can you explain more in depth or someone explain to me what the commands are? I read this post and got lost on step #3 to #9 TIA.
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    Can MacBook install disc work?

    Oh okay, back square one, thanks for the reply.
  6. My friend has the MacBook which came with two install disc, i think it is leo 10.5.2 I want to know if others have tried to install the MacBook installation disc on to their pc/laptop? I'm trying to download "KALYWAY_LEO_10.5.1intel_SSE2_SSE3.zip" but it is taking forever. Just wondering if the macbook install disc will work on my ibm t42 (2373-l1u).