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  1. Dear members, Bluetooth doesn't work on windows 7:S bluetooth host controller driver isn't installed and i can't find one! Does anybody has the same macbook with working bluetooth? Greetings, Atotaj1
  2. CoProcessor and SM Bus Controller missing drivers

    Run intel update utility from the site:)
  3. Ati 10.6.6 kexts needed

    After installing 10.6.7 my graphics only show 1 screen. does anybody stil has 10.6.6 kexts so i can get both screens back:) greetings
  4. Sleep issue and 5.1 (acer 8930G)

    yes the standard card in the 8930G is intel 5100 so if i don't put that in my post everybody with 5100 is going to ask how i did it so...
  5. Dear members, I have an 8930G and almost everything working, only sleep and 5.1 is a problem. i changed my wifi card to an BCM4312 for the one who wants to know. Can somebody help my fix sleep issue and get 5.1 surround of my notebook speakers because stereo is very high no bass. Greetings, Alex
  6. Asus HD5770

    i know, and i will follow every thread until there is something new, in the mean i got monitors working, but it confused the resolution, so i'm testing it further:)
  7. Asus HD5770

    thanks i wil look into it, i have my monitors now like this: HDMI->DVI and DVI-VGA and both screens are working but i can't select other then mirroring:( both are reconized as 1 hmm thats indeed much work, how long do you think it will take:P? i'm trying framebuffers right now i'm getting results step by step:P edit: Got both screens working right now:) with good resolution and qe/ci. HDMI->DVI DVI-VGA(converter) did the trick:)
  8. Asus HD5770

    i used both now for testing, and it works again... strange but i'm happy:) ATY_init.kext and GraphicsEnabler=yes:) but now i can't boot 64bits:( but as long there's no solution i will have to do it with this:)
  9. Asus HD5770

    i have an hdmi to dvi:) was inside the box my graphicscard. but since i updated to 10.6.6 my problem is back:(
  10. Asus HD5770

    Do you think that if i put my main monitor on hdmi and my second one on DVI(with dvi2vga cable) it will work? or have a bigger chance to work? by the way, the graphics are much faster then on my Geforce 210:P {censored} after installing 10.6.6 it doesn't work anymore, i get no signal again:( back to my problem, and it is 10.6.6 how can i fix this?
  11. Asus HD5770

    thank you very much:) i will try it and then i will post all my steps so if anyone else wants it he can have it:P
  12. Asus HD5770

    I can boot now without screwing with my cables, and i have qe/ci now:) i have 1 hmdi,1dvi and 1 vga(asus hd5770 cucore) and my main monitor is connected with DVI and it works, the other with VGA and it isn't reconized:(
  13. Asus HD5770

    Until now i did: Install mac os x 10.6.2 chameleon(with audiodrivers and stuff) kabyl's boot installed 10.6.4 graphics update 1.0 now trying to boot with GraphicsEnabler=yes hoping it will work or do i need to install 10.6.6 first? I have resolution AND QE/CI:) but it doesn't find my VGA monitor how can i fix that? and it only sees my ram @ 533mhz right now:( so i will look into that. but how can i get my second screen to work?
  14. Asus HD5770

    I just reinstalled mac, now booting and installing my drivers and update. I will keep you informed.
  15. Asus HD5770

    I have 10.6.6, forgot to update my information. I have the kexts installed from netkas.org/?p=465 and i have kabyl's chameleon installed. But when i can boot (after disconnecting a display and connect it) then i don't have QE/CI but i have 1080p full resolution and vga screen doesn't work. When i boot with both screens connected i get a blue screen then a black with blinkingthing in the leftcorner and blue again and then black again.