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    Virtualbox just 4MB vram

    It is: http://pasteboard.co/20AaxYAQo.jpg
  2. rolloLG

    Virtualbox just 4MB vram

    I thought Guest Add-Ons were just for Windows... You know a link for these MacOS vbox guest add-ons? This is my current situation: http://pasteboard.co/1ri7cJyjY.jpg​ (no Kext loaded for gfx/monitor) P.S. I'm a total Mac newbie sorry if I may ask you stupid questions...
  3. rolloLG

    Virtualbox just 4MB vram

    I've successfully installed an original MacOS Sierra iso on Virtualbox 5.1.22 r115126... no special hackintosh custom distro installed, apparently was an original image. my only problem is reported VRAM inside virtualbox is just 4MB VRAM, despite I've set in virtualbox settings 256MB. For this reason emulation is VERY sluggish. Please can some kind soul instruct me how to increase that value?