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  1. Answering my own question, I found a DSDT.aml file that works perfectly! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=143340
  2. Any luck with running the on-board GMA950 on this motherboard?
  3. All right! Finished installing from retail DVD. Did the same as swinte, and when updating to 10.6.2, as expected, it crashed due to SleepEnabler.kext. Reinstalled MyHack without SleepEnabler, and booted. Using a 9400GT, worked out of the box. The AirLink101 AWLH6080 works fine with drivers from Ralink, no problems there. Bluetooth works fine, all USB ports are working, patched sound with voodoohda using Kexthelper. Just finished moving over applications and fixing serials etc for all of them, doing a full backup now. No sleep though, other than that it works perfectly fine.
  4. @gtemkin: Which Airlink 101 card do you have? Is it the AWLH6080 by any chance?
  5. All right, progress! (This was done on a real MBP) After creating a DMG from my SL retail DVD, I restored it to an external Firewire disk. Downloaded and installed MyHack. Checked the box for AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext & IOATAFamily.kext, and then went to my desktop, pressed Get Information on the disk, and checked "Ignore ownership on this volume." Plugged it in, hit F8 a couple of times, and now I'm installing as we speak. Will get back with how this works later.
  6. This looks promising! If I get enough time, I'm going to try this on my board as well. Running a Core2Duo E6550 (I think, can't really remember if I changed from the E4550 or not), as well as a generic PCI FW400 card. Looks like my wireless cards won't work properly, I have an Airlink with RaLink chipset, but the RaLink application you need to use is 32-bit only, so from what I understand it'll cause some problems. Not sure about this though, feel free to correct me. Anywho, any suceess with Bluetooth? I have a generic Bluetooth dongle that works fine in Leopard, and I just got a <$3 BBT dongle from DealExtreme: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11866 When I try this with Leopard, it won't show any desktop picture, but I'm hoping this will work nicely with Snow Leopard. I know this is a far shot, but it would be awesome if someone had experience with this particular BT dongle. Going to post my results here as soon as I'm finished installing, by the way.
  7. Realtek 8187B

    Is this on Snow Leopard?
  8. Sounds awesome! I'm thinking about trying this tonight, with my new 9400GT, instead of the old ATI HD 2400 Pro. I hope sound et cetera will work, if not I'm kinda screwed.
  9. Anyone here tried Snow Leopard yet?
  10. I I'm running my 2400 Pro (094x3) on 10.5.6. Still have to use the DVI-VGA adaptor, but I have QE/CI/resolution/rotation fully working!
  11. How to install New Silverlight 2

    Of course, totally forgot that I didn't have permissions to write to the .dmg! Thank you, worked perfectly! @ricki: Open the DMG, drag the .pkg to your desktop or desired location, right-click, choose "Show contents of package" or something similar (I'm using a Norwegian version), navigate to Contents, and there you'll find InstallationCheck. Drag it to the trash, close your Finder window, and install.
  12. How to install New Silverlight 2

    I can't delete the file from the Silverlight 3.0 package. When I drag it to the trash can, I get "error 61". What do to? I would love a solution to this! The alternative is that someone removes the file, uploads it and posts the link here, for us to download. That would be awesome!
  13. Tried this one with a ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro PCIE on 10.5.6 (iPC), but I can't get output from DVI - I have to use a DVI2VGA adaptor. I have full QE/CI/rotation, but the analog signal is significantly worse than the digital! Any suggestions?
  14. Has anyone tried using ATI Radeon HD2400 Pro (or XT, I think they're the same) using this?
  15. Anyone running 10.5.6 on this board? If so, what method and release did you use?