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  1. iPhone OS on regular smartphone?

    OK. That was your assessment in Apr 2009. Now, in May 2010, any new hopes? I have Nokia 5230 which is powered by the same processor ARM11 that powers iPhone original & iPhone 3G. Too tempting a fact. Hence, my question. Still, a mountain of difference in hardware? iPhone OS can't mount Symbian hardware? Ever?
  2. 6: The Pre and Post 10.5.5 ComboUpdate Patches (i will give a web archive of the page to find them)index2222222.zip I'm a dg33 kalyway 10.5.5 user. Want to update to 10.5.8. Will your pre/post update patch work after 10.5.8 combo update ? But, the link leads to nowhere ! Please provide me a link to those patches. Lifeonmac
  3. Hi Kalyway, I am new to this forum. Pl. help me. I have just assembled a new pc with the following config. As a mac user (not a geek) for several years, I would just love to have a hackmac too in my new PC. INTEL CORE-2 DUO E8400 (3 GHz) INTEL DG33FBC MOBO TRANSCEND 800 MHZ RAM - 4GIG (2 X 2GIG) NVIDIA GEFORCE 8600GT Seagate 320GB SATA Baracuda 7200r 16mb SONY DVD WRITER (IDE) I am using only kalyway leo 10.5.1.intel SSE2 SSE3 (burnt in a DVD using disk utility in a G3 at my work place) to try to install in a separate old 10GB IDE Hard drive connected as master in the IDE bus where the SONY DVD Writer is slave. I have windows xpsp2 installed in the SATA drive. I tried vanilla as well as the default install options. But, my problem starts at the following screen message which appears after tons of drivers are loaded in a few minutes: "waiting for boot volume with UUID F0F8EEC8-E6A8-3F3A-888A-C706B63FB076 waiting on <DICT ID="0"><Key>IOProviderClass</Key><String ID="1">IOResources</String><Key>IOResourceMatch</Key><String ID="2">boot-UUID-media</String></dict>" Still waiting for root device... what gives? what should I do to go past this? Pl. guide me. Though I can follow simple instructions, I am no geek. Pl. help me. Thanks in advance. LIFEONMAC