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  1. I've got an MSI GTX 970 4GD5T OC graphics card. I've extracted the binary VBIOS file for it via the Clover shortcut. I was wondering if it's possible to patch in overclocking either the core clock, memory clock or power settings via the Clover function? I don't really know what to look for in the hex file once I've opened it in Hex Fiend. I've tried converting the clock speeds to hex, then reversing the 2-digit blocks, but I don't get any hits. Any tips on how to go about this?
  2. My system will only boot if I have CSM enabled in my BIOS. High Sierra 10.13 SysDef: 17,1 FileVault2: enabled SSD: APFS formatted Kexts: AppleALC, Lilu, NvidiaGraphicsFixup, NVWebDriverLibValFix, USBInjectAll, CodecCommander. Drivers: EmuVariableUefi, Aptio2, DataHubDxe, Vbox Without CSM it goes blank after the Display handover w/o FileVault or straight away w/ FileVault enabled.
  3. Clover Custom GUI Entries with APFS

    Got them both assigned to entries already, and neither is picked up.
  4. After upgrading to High Sierra, I also converted to APFS and enabled FileVault. Everything's working mostly fine, but got a couple of minor issues: (1) Is there any way to disable the verbose boot that apfs.efi chucks out before the Clover boot menu? (2) To boot w/ FileVault enabled, I have to select a Clover boot menu icon called 'Preboot'. However, I can't seem to find a volume or path ID which will enable me to create a custom entry for it on my Clover Configurator GUI -> Custom Entries menu. Is this because it's all synthesized inside an APFS container? Any way to create a custom entry for Preboot?
  5. FileVault 2

    I'm having one minor issue with FV2 enabled. When I enter my password and the system starts booting, the progress bar is surrounded by the colours of my desktop background, but the rest of the screen is black/grey. Is there any way to make them the same (I don't mind which)?
  6. GTX 970 Not Working Without CSM

    I'm trying to work out how to ditch having CSM enabled on my BIOS since it messes up the boot process and sends POST to my 2nd monitor (which isn't always on). At the moment, if I go into my BIOS and disable CSM, then my system will boot, but seemingly without loading the web drivers (very slow, stuttery display, same as booting without web driver when first installing a hackintosh). Furthermore, if I change my display settings in BIOS from Auto, to PEG, then my main display (Display Port) dies completely and then the 2nd display will die before the final MacOS process loads. Got Lilu and Driver fix installed already.
  7. CSM Causing Me Problems

    i7-6700k / Asus Z170 Pro / MSI GTX 970 / MacOS 10.12.6 / Sys Def 17,1 Monitors: Primary: LG Ultrawide (Display Port) Secondary: Acer 1080p (DVI-D) I'm having an issue recently with my dual display setup. If I boot with CSM enabled in the BIOS then only my secondary display works until the OS loads. If I boot with CSM disabled, then the boot screen/BIOS shows correctly on my primary display, but once the boot process hands over to the OS (when the loading bar reaches about half-way) then the video output dies and both of my monitors stay blank. Any ideas? Obviously I can work with the wrong monitor handling boot, but I'd prefer to have everything work properly. Thanks in advance.
  8. You have to open the xcodproj file with XCode and then build it for your system.
  9. Asus Z170 Pro - No Audio w/ Sleep

    Wow. Thanks MaLd0n, that's very kind of you. I've put it in my "EFI > Clover > ACPI > Patched" folder, hope that's the right place. Everything seems to be working still. What will that DSDT file have done? I know it's to do with power management, but that's about all I know.
  10. Asus Z170 Pro - No Audio w/ Sleep

    Okay. That seems to be working now. How come my iMessage is still working? I thought if you changed system definition, you had to redo the registration process? Can I copy my GUI preferences back to this new config.plist for the Clover bootscreen?
  11. Asus Z170 Pro - No Audio w/ Sleep

    Okay... attached. iMac-v2.zip
  12. Asus Z170 Pro - No Audio w/ Sleep

    That's already in the first post under iMac.zip.. or did you mean an updated one after all the changes?
  13. Asus Z170 Pro - No Audio w/ Sleep

    I'm booting off Clover r4061 at the moment. I believe that's the newest version. Yeah, it'd be a shame to have to start from scratch for such a small issue. Are there any more logs or anything I can upload that might help?
  14. Asus Z170 Pro - No Audio w/ Sleep

    I used UB to create it originally. This was my first go at doing a hackintosh and doing everything manually was way beyond me. I might have a crack at it down the line if you think that's the best way to get a perfect install. Would I have to start from scratch with all my app installs?
  15. Asus Z170 Pro - No Audio w/ Sleep

    Hmm. Well, it's better than it was when I started, so thanks very much for taking the time to help cyberdevs. It's much appreciated. Shame I can't get a log of everything the system does when it sleeps and what it does when it wakes up