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    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Someone more knowledgeable can help me out with the mic input issue on Realtek ALC1220 (AMD ZEN)? None of the current layouts would record input when device is selected. Here is a codec dump. Thanks ! codec.zip
  2. share the full sysctl -a dump
  3. here is kernel for 10.13.6. Backup your IONetworkingFamily.kext from 10.13.3 and restore it once you updated to 10.13.6 otherwise prelinkedkernel won't build. kernel_10.13.6_minimal+opemu.zip
  5. sure thanks for the credit dude... For USB use Ydeng's patch.
  6. enable fixshutdown in config.plist
  7. What about this one ? kernel.t10.zip
  8. any improvement with this one ? kernel.t3.zip
  9. You are not even testing the kernels.... all the outputs are for kern.version: Darwin Kernel Version 17.4.0: Fri 24 Aug 2018 20:24:38 BST; ~ Shaneee ~ :xnu-4570.41.2/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_X86_64
  10. report the full sysctl -a output please Will have to look into this, but I have an idea what it could be ok so pretty much none
  11. Any improvement with this one ? kernel.tscb1.zip
  12. that was just some test codes for TSC compiled by yifanlu based on https://github.com/Shaneee92/AMD-High-Sierra-XNU would be nice, but not sure how to achieve it
  13. do you see any difference with this one ? kcsuffix=tsc kernel.tsc.zip
  14. give this one a try kernel.test.zip
  15. Unfortunately it got reboot instantly by Clover r.4586 or Enoch r.2905. Try with this one kernel.testb.zip Btw your test.txt is empty