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  1. Really? I seem to be able to run a 10.7.2 guest perfectly fine in Fusion 4.0.2. It's only Workstation that has problems.
  2. Hmm, with the apparently exception of running Lion in the VM. I'm not sure why, but it only seems to work off a raw disk, not a raw partition, at least so far. I get stuck at that "[ PCI configuration begin ]" message. Setting npci=0x2000 gets only slightly further, but it still never finds the root partition.
  3. Thanks Donk! Hope you can get the Linux unlocker out soon
  4. You absolutely can do this, at least in VMWare Fusion 4. You just have to create a new VM, and then modify it so that instead of a virtual hard disk, it uses a VMDK corresponding to your raw partition. How to create such a VMDK? You can use vmware-rawdiskcreator, which comes with VMWare Fusion (it's in the .app bundle somewhere). Or you can use my vmdk-raw-parts tool: https://github.com/vasi/vmdk-raw-parts . Either way, it's remarkably easy.