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  1. created the gfx string for 9200m and the kernel still panics...
  2. yeah, the shortness of the description plus the spelling mistake really made me pause... but since I only had my 1340 for less than a week and still messing around I thought I'll just flash it regardless! @bcc9, thanks for the updated DSDT!! It boots up fine on my 1340 and everything seems fine so far! Is there anything you would like me to test/help with??
  3. SL tried to initialise both graphics, tried to fight over the one display, returned some dodgy info and panic'd? something must intercept the cards (power management?), switches one off and passes only one to the display...??
  4. sorry, I meant I used your example above and modified it to suit our 9200m card! anyways, I figured what I was doing wrong and yes, when it eventually tried to load it panic'd...
  5. I used the above efi strings example (including the bolded sections) to generate the hex and entered it into my com.apple.Boot.plist and it booted normal but the 9200m still shows up as "display" Either I've done something wrong in the process of setting up efi strings or it is being ignored?
  6. @bcc9, I have the 9500m... is there anything I can do to help and/or test?
  7. Dell Europe - Studio XPS 1340 Bios A11 download Description of fixes: Enhance system stability That's it for the description, not very informative...! UPDATE: Flashed this BIOS and happy to report it doesn't seem to have broken anything in SL so far...!
  8. I was gonna compare your list with mine to see that would help but since you found it was a bios issue.... anyways, I have the above kexts too but the exception is that all of them (except DellBluetooth) is in E/E and I'm using dsmos instead of the fakesmc. pmcmano, did you try A07? my 1340 has the TSST dvd drive and came with A07 but that seems to be fine so far?
  9. Forgive me if this next question is a dumb one but what kexts are in your /E/E folder?
  10. You nearly scared me cause I've not used the dvd drive since installing SL but I just tried it and it seems fine, even after resuming from sleep although my HDD led still blinks after this. Is there any chance you can confirm if the drive works under another OS and it's just SL messing with you?
  11. Did you ever find a fix for this problem?
  12. I have the 9500m but I believe I'm only using the 9400m at present...
  13. I bought a Studio XPS 1340 last week and (thanks to this thread and you bcc9) that one of the first things I did with the notebook was to install SL! Summary of install: - Triple-boot Win7, SL and ubuntu - Using Chameleon bootloader for all 3 OS's - Created SL USB install stick with modified OSInstall (MBR) and bcc9's recommended files - Installed bcc9's recommended drivers/fixes once SL installed This has been one of the most hassle free installs of a hackintosh with practically everything working that I can remember!! A BIG Thanks to you BCC9 for all the excellant work on the 1340 so far, very much appreciated!!