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  1. DSDT fixing errors

    I have tried a different version of the kext and the same thing happens
  2. DSDT fixing errors

    I'm using LAN until I get my Broadcom BCM94392Z.
  3. DSDT fixing errors

    I got it to work just fine now. Brightness works fine. My last issue is that internet cuts out when I come back from sleep again.
  4. DSDT fixing errors

    Ive done it but the microphone/input levels are still very high even with the slider turned all the way down
  5. DSDT fixing errors

    Do I remove voodoo from Clover/Kexts/Other and place with the 2 new ones or put them in S/L/E
  6. DSDT fixing errors

    Don't know how to get Lilu or inject ID I reverted to my old clover file and got audio to work with voodoo but I can't find a native ALC 3246 kext and Lilu.
  7. DSDT fixing errors

    I removed the current audio kext I had before and put in the new one that corresponds to my Codec and it doesn't work
  8. DSDT fixing errors

    I figured out the brightness control. I ran into an issue where the built in microphone works but the level is way too loud and if I turn it down, it doesn't help.
  9. DSDT fixing errors

    Well the volume control on the keyboard works but do I need a new kext for the keyboard?
  10. DSDT fixing errors

    Brand? The laptop is a Dell
  11. DSDT fixing errors

    I tried the kext and it works I just can't control the brightness with the keyboard controls
  12. DSDT fixing errors

    I will try the new kext soon. I know the webcam worked before because when I first installed sierra, it turned on with no issue. Could I try a new smbios like 13,3?
  13. DSDT fixing errors

    Hello, so I looked everywhere for a solution to the webcam issue and I haven't found anything. When it came to screen brightness and controlling it via keyboard, I did not want to risk messing something up since I'm so far into this.
  14. DSDT fixing errors

    ok thank you
  15. DSDT fixing errors

    I see 1.3 ghz minimum speed. I put the kext on the desktop and ran the script and it says that HWP is supported and enabled. The last 2 things that need to be addressed is screen brightness and keyboard shortcut for it and the webcam on the laptop not being recognized